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AUSTINE TAUANU'U  Life❤️Still Learning 🙌💯


This is your jOURney💯. In order to Progress you need to Proceed within the struggle itself 🙏. Stay true to yourself, never look back, & ALWAYS be ready for CHANGE ❤️

-Never lose sight of yourself in your achievements. They're out there to leave you empty. With & reMAINing in God, himself, is where to find peace everlasting, Loving ever so compassionately, everything needed & more.- #BlessDay #Loves❤️🙏

Speak to 'em💯

God 1st, Fam;ily 2nd, 3x's uh blessin💯🙏. #SoundTheAlarm📣

God, support, & being persistent is 🔑

Great season it was for our defense lumberjack 👏🏈. Lookin forward to what God's continuous plan is for you brobro! #Green&;Gold

Number 54 on on the field, number 1 in our hearts forever 🤘💯 #ProudSistah😊

-& all that's passing by is leading up to something greater in the future.- yes, mental health is real, but God is even more bigger than any obstacle(s) WE go through in every walk of life! He will not put anything on you, us, & I that we can not bare 🙌. With all that may be going on with the "World", in your personal life, professional life, love life, maybe even your inner being, I Pray that every negative thought, action, and being be pull out from your life & mind 🙏! All it takes is a VOICE & a HAND to be heard that, yes, there are people in that same position & or walking in that same path. Remember, you are not alone 💯. If you ask me how I do it, my answer simply is, "Look up & Smile." It's what we do, how we learn to cope with things that come Our way. #GodIsAmazin! #SuicideIsNOTTheAnswer #SeekHelp #AnythingIsTooSmallToGod🙌 #GetAnswers #StayBlessed #Loves🙏💯

& if iht hasn't been for God & all six of them I don't know where I would be at in this thing called Life. When what went down three years ago, this day specifically, it changed my life for the Better. All I can say is Call God🤙🏾. Life goes on but Real ones reMAIN the same❤️. Y'all know what it is & how hectic it can get, but I can't express my gratitude towards each of you for being there every step, jump, & thought of the way. I love y'all to eternity & beyond🤘🏽❤️ #MommaRaisedKings&;Queens

& because it'll be your Third anniversary up coming🙌🏽. You are smart, filled with intelligence, you are here for a reason, you are more than what you Think you are. To see you bloom into this star bright young African American & Samoan women, it amazes me in all types of way to see you from conquering what happened to what is happening, to what is going to happen as you continue to blossom🌺 & out grow your doubts & insecurities. The Devil thought but let me tell you about my God☺️❤️. "Laugh at the doubters, Pray for the wicked, & treat Evil with Good or Love ❤️." Love you babygurl👑! #Oldest #EmbraceWhatHappens☺️ #Oct.23,14 #Aarolani #Gymnastic #Intelligent #Divine

Happy 21st to this beautiful gem💁🏽. She has been there since the gates☺️. May God Bless you hundred fold in All that you do & work towards, boo! Go get ihtttt👏🏽! Love youuu @j_leasau

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