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this is my profile picture. do i care that i posted it? i do not. 😇

Okay, I'm going to be rational about this, but I'm going to say this:

I see a lot of people are downloading that app or those constructive messaging app. I mean, it's great and all to receive positive comments, but I personally believe people who say really nasty things under it has nothing else better to do besides take 5 minutes out of their life to be negative. Not only that, it shows that they are a bit afraid of ACTUAL confrontation than actually messaging the person??? If that makes sense. I feel like people just spend their time hating people because of one little petty and immature thing that happened 738929239 years ago and calling people really absurd names is very...child-like? I get people have their own sense of humor and insulting each other yada yada...thats what friends do but that's another story. But I feel like if people start spreading more positivity for once, it would be quite nice. Believe me. Sounds very cliché because most teenagers are thinking "Wow, that's so lame or stupid." But I promise you'll feel 82929239393 times better if you stop being soooooo rude to people and actually just GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. YOU KNOW LIKE UHHHH READING A BOOK, HANG OUT WITH YOU FRIENDS AND NOT WORRY ABOUT TOXIC PEOPLE! Be yourself, relax, don't take it so serious, but take your actions seriously because one little thing can change your life immensely. I was told today by someone "If you spend your life hating people and being mean to people, people are going to be mean back." Seriously, start healthy relationships and don't worry about the past. Once you're an adult, it won't matter. Go out, meet different people with different backgrounds. The world would be less ignorant and a bit kinder.

instantly bought these cute glasses from @charlie.char_


tb to when i was going to grow my hair back but immediately cut it again before it had the chance to grow back

why does the brecksville transportation department not answer their phone i left something in the van like 5 days ago

i hope everyone has a great morning/night.

love is love

gonna leave this amazing energizer here.

the clouds in columbus were pretty amazing

seeing this guy again this year was one of the best parts of y2y. even better, he's in drumline like i am! gonna miss cam!

i met some amazing people at youth to youth and im so glad that i have built these relationships with these outstanding people. i love them so much and im sad to go #y2yconference #thisisy2y

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