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i love my friends

happy birthday espider/martin/deadpool/macho/ and to my favorite idiot friend in the whole friggen world!!! boy, we've been best friends since like..7th grade. we were always in the same classes, you walked me to my bus, we were on the same bus for DC, all that jazz. tbh, i always forget that im older than you because it just seems that way, anyway, not really the point. thanks for always making me laugh so hard i cry, i can send you the ugliest snaps on snapchat and you could care less, thanks for always inviting me to your bday parties and stuff like that. i HOPE YOU're SUPER EXCITED TO BE 17 BECAUSE THEN YOU AND I WILL BE 18 NEXT YEAR πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ also, thank you for always being there for me. i literally appreciate your existence. whoever doesn't can just fall down an infinite row of stairs. also thank you for convincing me to join band even though you quit the year i've joined. i hope this day of ya birth is a good one. LOVE YA BOI.

today's going to go alright! i hope everyone has a FANTASTIC DAY!! πŸ’–

@thenids1 so im doing this super early because im impatient. sooooooooOOOOOO happy early 18th nidhi. im so happy that you're STILL in my life because there's been times where we stopped being friends, but im super grateful for all the dumb and great memories we have and memories we are still making. IM SO GLAD I RETOOK SPANISH 1 BECAAAUSE WE WOULDNT HAVE BEEN FRIENDS IF I DIDNT. you used to call me carmen and then it grew into just calling me Auri, which was weird at first but whatever. I love laughing so hard that we get lightheaded, watching scary videos at 1am on surround sound, and eating pizza all the time when you come over and complaining about boys who aren't worth your time and you deserve better πŸ’like right now, I MISS YOU LIKE COME GET YOUR FRICKEN HOODIE ALREADY SO I CAN SEE YOU. by the way, which is washed and dried for you. You and I have grown a lot and I appreciate your existence. I love you tons and you deserve so much in this world.

more amazing band pictures
[πŸ“Έcreds: @bbhhsband]

i love band, my section, and bubbles


dude, im a SENIOR can you believe that? that's wild.

im going to miss lydia soo soo much. im so glad i've met her and we had so many interesting conversations. also, lydia was super open about the conversation that the lady behind us moved 200000ft away from lydia, evy, and i

self-loathing already, stressed for school and im only in study hall.

hey guys listen, i have a finsta now, i actually hate that term but follow it bc i want you all to laugh at my suffering @giriseoul

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