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Aurie Styla  Stand-Up Comedian Thank God daily for Star Trek, Plantain, Video Games & more! FB: Fb.Com/AurieStyla SC/TW: @AurieStyla #SniperPose 😎👉👉 #ComedyMania


A doctor with a broken hand can’t mend a patient with a broken hand, not should they try to. Instead, he/she should refer the patient to someone who is healed and fit to help... and some ‘healers’ need to be responsible enough to recognise when their own hand is broken!
If you are advising with solutions to troubles you are still struggling to resolve, than you are potentially just as damaging as what caused the troubles in the first place. Understand your responsibility before you abuse it solely for recognition or self-progression!
Social Media is rampant with people professing to be motivational speakers, many with little eligibility, driven by the urge to be popular, or to satisfy covering up their own self esteem issues... Even the best of messages said with a dark or broken heart, are fallible!

RIP Stormin!
Cancer is a horrible thing, but he took his battle in his stride and lived life whilst still battling. That shows so much character! Condolences to those close to him!

Barry’s the name! Oh this film is gonna be so much fun to create! @arewedeadyetmovie ... but nothing is scarier then CANDYMAN!!!💯🔥✊🏾

Just now! Right in front of my eyes... How are you friend zoned by your own son?!? Damn, son... 👀👀👀😶😶😶

Don’t be lonely like me for making this VALENTINE’S mistake! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tag the fellas do they know not to do this!!! 💯💯💯

‘WHERE’S YA BOIFRENN?’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

If anyone has seen my joke about dressing up as Spider-Man, it is actually a true story! And when doing kids parties, keeping the illusion that their real hero has come to party with them, is fundamental!
Kids are innocently honest... and there is nothing wrong with that! If a child will look at me and say ‘you’re not Superman... Superman isn’t black’ then imagine what another child must hear when they don’t look like their hero!
The conversation is being had, and representation is being made apparent. And if you don’t understand why it’s important to those who feel underrepresented, then you really should see Black Panther... After watching it, I wish I had children to take.

No joke! It’s that wild! #1xblackpanther

I can’t wait until you all see this! It’s so good!

Guess what film I’m off to see tonight 😁

Linkin’ a ting from Barking? Well... leave them there & roll with your people to the big and bad
🎊ComedyMania Weekender!🎊 20th - 22nd April 2018!
2 Days & Nights of Go Karting, Comedy, Pool Party, Theme Park Rides, Pyjama Party, Activities... and more + vibes!!!! 🔥🔥
From £150pp All Inclusive Packages!!! Info & Details - www.cmweekender.co.uk
@comedymaniauk / #CMWeekender

Anyone from Barking, I’m just playing 👻

Men discussing life! ✊🏾👑⬛️
Cc: @bet_intl

And by feed me, I mean take me to Nandos! 😁 #DoWeHaveAnAccord

Mandem just chilling! 😎 #Xavier

One of the best tv fathers to do it, from one of the best sitcoms ever! ✊🏾

Saturday at the @ukgbrunch! Best believe this was all between 12pm and 5pm!!! We stepped outside and it was still daylight! 😂😂😂 #UKGBrunch

Fade and part from 19-how long! Big up the Mumzie!!!

Try know this now! ComedyMania Weekender is gonna be fantastic!!! I cannot wait for this!!! 48hours of parties, comedy, fun and games, it’s gonna be so sick!!! Will you be there? @comedymaniauk #cmweekender Www.cmweekender.co.uk 😁😁😁

Laughed until I Cried!!! Wicked night!! 🔥🔥🔥

Was ready for the #UKGBrunch today.... tried a loool denim on denim and and Likkle Burberry!

I can’t make this up... this was in my inbox a few days ago. I can’t even laugh or be offended.... it was just so stupid 😑

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