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Hong Kong Art Basel and "Little Girl Pointing to Baby Minecraft Penis" cc: @undreamingrecords 😉😘

Art Central Hong Kong

"Daring to live means daring to die at any moment but also means daring to be born, crossing great stages of life in which the person we have been dies, and is replaced by another with a renewed vision of the world, and at the same time realizing that there will be many obstacles to overcome before we reach the final stage of Enlightenment." Arnaud Desjardins

❤ Relationships & beginner's mind: Shooting daily in Myanmar for two weeks with a work project to focus on was liberating. I learned so much about my photography skills and flaws. One of my main takeaways was that I default to shooting vertically, which sometimes leaves out greater environmental detail that lends more to the story. And that I need to focus more on subtexts to the story, and not just the one obvious story. I definitely see the world in terms of human relationships, but there are so many other types of relationships to explore visually.


Day labourer at a small Yangon port on the Irrawaddy river ...

This monk was about 90 years old and at first he posed formally, and then he decided that that was enough of that! I have a series of hysterical photos with him being a total goofball. Soul mates! 😂❤One of the wonderful aspects of Myanmar are the Buddhist monasteries and the prevalence of monks. Socially it creates a culture of charity and giving that benefits the disadvantaged. As a result, I didn't see the abject poverty that I have found elsewhere in Asia. If a family has too many children for its means, then there is always a monastery to fall back upon as an option to educate and raise the child till the 4/5th Grade. However as Myanmar slowly opens up and industrialises, becoming a monk or a nun is now lessening in popularity as a choice. Some blame smartphones and social technology as a way of introducing a seductive consumerism ...


The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity. Ruby Dee.

What a cheeky tongue sticking out! 😂 I'm going through my photos and had to share this one! Made me laugh! 🌸🌺😋

A beloved friend unexpectedly lost her father this morning. A terrible sadness for us all, he was the nicest man and only 57, with a whole life as a grandfather ahead of him. I'm grieving with my friend and her family for their terrible loss ❤️

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