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Today marks 3 years of #ThisThingCalledLife album. Some of my darkest days documented on wax. LOVE the album but I’m so thankful to God to be out of that. 🙏🏽❤️

Miss me?

I was able to catch this video before having to leave... I just watched so many people in tears from losing their everything in life that they’ve built. In a split second, just like that... GONE!
My backyard just went up in flames & it’s spreading fast... I just wanna say that I’ve discovered we don’t treat our firemen royal enough, nor do we pay them enough for what they endure. I’m thankful for the work that you all do! Send some prayers up for the people today, it’s needed. ❤️🌹

In my mind, THIS!! This is what Heaven sounds like.. souls gathered & communed with the HIGHEST all on one accord in beautiful harmony. 🙏🏽
@tashacobbsleonard is just casually KILLING by the way 😰🔥💀🔥 we might need to do a short worship album..🤔🤔
Happy Sunday Yal!! Be a Blessing!🌹❤️

Better footage of #YouKnowMyName last night ...
When i get the rest of the footage I will post, because this really blessed me man 🙏🏽


I’m always so honored to share the stage with the legend @tashacobbsleonard 🙏🏽
Thankyou for having me and allowing my heart & soul to sing. Thankyou for your ministry and all that you do. Please continue to be a light to the world.
-your biggest fan 🌹❤️🌹

Me when I had high hopes of winning mega millions last night... then boom 💥 reality hit.. & I lost!😒
(I’m Still smiling tho.)
& oh, tell whoever won to call me... I’m tryna see sum’n 😭

Somebody said.. “Beeep beeeep, who got the keys to my Jeep” vrrrrroooom head ahh 😭 @missymisdemeanorelliott ❤️ #supadupaflyy

“Fuxk the future mama, you’re Mrs.Tonight & I’m Mr.Right... so don’t get Left.”

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