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Belle  Writer & Photographer Embracing the chaos, finding the magic New Yorker always & forever 💕

Just added a couple NYC Mini Session dates for the coming weeks. (Link above if you’d like to book a spot 🍂)

Slowing down time, as she uncannily does. Reminding me that dreaming and planning are really the same thing. #summerinthecity

For the past few weeks they’ve watched their whole world disappear and then reappear again around them as I unpacked our entire lives from neatly packed brown cardboard boxes. “It’s an adventure,” I’d enthusiastically whisper as we navigated new streets, new trains, new people, new sounds in the night, new light spilling in when the sun rose. But the truth of the matter is that growth can be painful- a chaotic sea of loss and unease as you struggle to grasp some sort of familiarity in the vast otherness, an unearthing of the old to make way for the new.
I awoke in the stillness of the morning today to find the boys side by side, noses pressed to the glass, watching a summer storm in awe as it roared and danced outside. They stood shoulder to shoulder, unmoving, as I made coffee. When the winds loudly snapped a sheet of water against the glass panes and Levon cried out in fear, I heard Lou say, “It’s ok fella, we’re on an adventure.” And I knew we were home.

This. Is what we have been waiting for. And didn’t even know it. #loftlife #hellobrooklyn

Hey hey Brooklyn. I think you may actually look good on us. #newhome #movingday

Nico came to me over a decade ago in a shoe box off the J train, a puppy passed into my hands on a sticky afternoon on a lower east side street corner. Right then we both fell into a love affair from which neither of us ever escaped. She became my baby and I became hers. When I fell pregnant she was the first to know, alerting me each of the three times by firmly planting her soft head on my belly and refusing to move, for hours, for days. She held me. When I gave birth at home she was there at my side, holding the space for me. And as the children grew, she nuzzled them and let them climb on her and slept with them each night, her 80 lb body carefully cradling their tiny frames, holding them safe. She was, quite simply, the most majestic creature I’ve ever known.
Nico passed away a couple of weeks ago on a hot summer afternoon not unlike the one on which she came to me. She developed a heart tumor a few months back. I tried to fight it, to heal her, tooth and claw with everything I had. Yet life moved forward as it always does.
She suddenly- overnight it seemed- withered away, from strong to frail, boisterous to tired, healthy to sick, young to old. My god it was so alarmingly fast. And then I knew it was time for me to hold her.
When I was a young girl living in Oregon there were wild woods behind our house. My two sisters and I would venture into them to wander and climb trees, and the adults would always hand us the leash on our way out the door and tell us sternly, if you get lost out there don’t worry, the dog will guide you home. We did get lost. And our dog always did pull us back, out of the forest, into the light. That dog’s name was Bubba. I was small, 4 or 5 years old, but I still remember. I hope my children will remember Nico too. I really do.
She passed away in my arms. I laid with her on the floor and held her until she slipped away. In too many ways to ever tell, she’s guided me home. I hope that I did the same for her. For the past few weeks I kept praying for a miracle. I now realize that she was the miracle, and the past 10 years with her were a miraculous gift. Goodbye my sweet baby.

SEVEN. Self-cut bangs. Wakes up early to make breakfast for her brothers. Counts the number of wild doves and sparrows and blue jays she spots in the park each day and quietly keeps track in her journal. Reads to me each night, tales of fairies in faraway lands, with such authority and gusto that it almost feels like she wrote the words herself. But the story she’s writing is just unfolding... a story that will take her to all the places she longs to go, a story where she plays it all, spends it all, gives it all away, let’s her soul pour out of her hands and voice and heart, because sharing what you have is the only way to make room for more good. Funny how we think we’re teaching them and all the while they’re gently teaching us. It’s been seven years of magic. 🎂 #BietLuna

“She and her brother Richie ran away from home one winter and camped out in the African Wing of the Public Archives. They shared a sleeping bag and survived on crackers and root beer. “ #lifeimitatingart

So today I sat for the first time for a non-human photographer, working with @google to test run their new camera that frames, adjusts for lighting, and shoots when everyone’s faces look best. I really really didn’t want to like the shots, because, quite honestly, the notion that the future is here freaks me out a little bit. But alas, I love them. And I’m starting to soften my stance that older is always better. Also kind of excited to actually be on the other side of the lens once in awhile. (the camera isn’t out yet but the link for more info is in my bio) ❤️ #googleclips #giftfromgoogle


Cut off 12 inches of hair between the two of us. Release, renew, allow, repeat. Here’s to a new year ❤️

Happy Christmas 🎈

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