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This is me.

First of all what have I done !!! This is ALL THE SONGS OFF THE ILLUMINATE ALBUM !

But of course I changed it to Ruin because I blast it every single second

ROUND AND ROUND THE RECORD SPINS ALL DAY LISTEN AGAIN IT TAKES YOU FAR AWAY - me to me ok but seriously Ruin is so amazing I can't stop listen to it just everything about it makes me want to plug in my ear phones , stare out of a window , and act like I'm in a music video for it

This is literally what it looks like when I double click my home button two times

I feel like "Getaway" would be such an amazing name for a Shawn future album like Shawn's music and music in general makes people forget about their problems that might be going on and it's a getaway to a place where you can dance and sing your heart out with no worries

Why did the ducklings follow their mother ? ... Because they want to make sure she'll Never Be Alone ! (put that in the Handwritten Joke Book)

Go vote for Shawn , or whatever you want to do gosh! The link is


I literally had the best dream ever last night! So I was talking to Ed Sheeran and I was also showing him my concert videos . And then I told him about She'll Be The One and he was like yeah Shawn shows me all his unreleased songs. I give him my opinion and yeah . So he was about to let me hear Shawn's unreleased song called, " Forever" but then I woke up. If Shawn ever releases a song called "Forever" or a sing title that has the word in it I'm going to be rattled. I'm going to be thinking I'm a Psychic or something. Like That's So Raven wishes

Shawn looks like a baby in a high chair at their first birthday party and his parents gave him his first cake and he's just going crazy eating it smashing it destroying the poor cake (I just got way too specific )

This Is the saddest/funniest thing I've seen all day

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