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I still need to finish iZombie

This is edited so give credit
So I'm just going to use thumbnails of shows I feel deserve more recognition bc I'm like that
Cc: mine

Ok I just realized I can send edits thru Skype to transfer to mah phone. Wow!!! #audios #audxos


Wow Instagram didn't ruin the quality this time.
This is going to be the last one I post with this style; use for happy edits

Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it. [heavilly edited; give creds] #omgpage


Thank you IG for destroying the quality 😤
Throwback to this song bc why not

Hey guys

I'll probably continue posting Jaymes Young songs bc he's that good

Instagram loves ruining the quality of everything

Posting again bc I need to be more active

I'm finally back but all the audios I post for a while are going to be square 😬

I'm posting this song again bc I'm too attached to it.

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