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Audrey Fong  Likes: @charlottethecattledog, earl grey milk tea, @alexanderwangny, alternative rock, 20th century literature, hedgehogs 🦔

Pretending I’m at a character cafe in Japan when in actuality @roasting_water is having the cutest collab ever! 🐻

Current vibes:
@thisislany’s Thru These Tears
@walkthemoonband’s Tiger Teeth
@beck’s Fix Me
@youngthegiant’s Call Me Back
@ajrbrothers’s Infinity

People keep posting holiday photos, so here’s a picture of me hiking in heels with @charlottethecattledog

All of my life I have been starving @ajrbrothers / Even though I couldn’t see half the concert, it was still fun screaming to all the songs and getting on my tippy toes to get peeks of Ryan’s dance moves ✨

No one likes you when you’re 23 / Except your family and friends like @satomato_tina who sends you a box all the way from Japan filled with snacks plus a juice box of Salt & Litchi ✨

I wish I could believe ✨ @phantogram

The only club you’ll ever find me at is Club Forrest 🎶 @itshellogoodbye / Swipe to see the hella good guys! ✨

“Her voice is full of money.” ✨ / Daisy Buchanan and a caterpillar 🐛

Don’t take photos with me. I can’t be trusted. #noeyecontact

“Will you be my wife for an insurance scam, but then we fall in love for real?” @rejectedjokes / Took @charlottethecattledog to Pawnee today 💕

I wish you were on what I was on, but you were only on my mind @amnthewilderness / Spent the most Californian weekend of my life on the beach eating tacos and listening to a ton of talented Californians like @beck, @youngthegiant, and obviously @amnthewilderness plus @yeahyeahyeahs 🌊 #round20

Spending all my money just to make you feel pretty @lovelytheband

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