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Audrey Ann  Feeling free and what not. πŸ’Œ

Workin' that red lip. ❀

There was an old man saying hello through water on my table today, so that was cool.

I took a shower two seconds ago and now I smell like coconuts and this is my face. If I were to change anything about it I'd change my top lip, because I didn't bust it open when I was 8 so it's not very big.


Then warm up dat tummy with some jacko lantern see side twists.

Ways to warm up the body in the morning time: act like you are a Twizzler and do the body wave.

Prego never tasted so good.


It's been far too long.

Got crazy in the bathroom stall since I got kicked out of my seat as the graduates were walking into the stadium. Sorry I missed it bro.

"To hide and feel guilty would be the beginning of defeat." - Milan Kundera

I could probably write a book about all the reasons I think the education system is extremely flawed, but these words by James Herndon sum my views up quite nicely. "...invention and whim of someone else, being put in a position where most of your real desires are not only ignored but actively penalized." If this doesn't piss you off, I'm not sure what will. Seriously, value yourself over numbers that won't matter in a few years anyways. Get personal. Learn about the things you care about, find ways to connect with the things you don't. If you can't, don't feel guilty about it and move on. School should be about understanding and working through, not about conforming to the ideas of what a "successful individual" should be. Another great quote by Theodore R. Sizer..."as long as my style of life and values do not impinge on those of others, I should have the sovereign right to be what I want to be, including a slob." Diversity is an incredible thing. If we all go along with the current structure set in place, we're going to be little mindless gloopy gloppy guys who only care about dat $$$. That's freaky. So don't be submissive, get in a little bit of trouble for a good cause, and resist.

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