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A. F O X  | Girl Friday | Professional Listener & Truth Teller | Activist Organizer | NYC


Quick tb to that time "work" involved flouncing all over France in billowing silks and hydrated skin with a perpetual glass of pink champagne. Now it's just subzero temperatures and a political hellscape :(

The most sweeping, significant loves of my life

It's ironic that one year ago I was beginning the first job of my adulthood - scared shitless - and thoroughly disappointed in our country's politics. I wanted a woman in that seat of course, but above that I wanted to believe in humanity, morality, and integrity. Until then, I naively thought those things could transcend any evil and a truly groundless political agenda. When they didn't, I felt as everyone else - saddened by a system (or cistem) that has little interest in fighting for anyone beyond their literal and figurative borders. But it didn't take very long for me to feel something else. On January 21st, 2017, I marched amongst thousands in D.C. and millions elsewhere. I met men, women, and children who traveled across the country and beyond for the things I thought I couldn't believe in anymore. Since then, some of those people have run for office, an estimated 22,000 - and became our new visionaries and leaders. Activism - in any form - has repeatedly proved to be a crucial device in social and economic justice. Women of color once again set the precedent for informed voting and knocked a child molester off his high horse in Alabama. Journalism made millions of women feel less alone. I could go on, but the point is most of those people didn't just show up on January 21, 2017. They've only continued to. Last year, one decision divided a nation. But it also united and motivated a great number and will undoubtedly continue to do so. I'm supremely grateful for this bad dream, because it's afforded many the opportunity to realize what they're made of. Myself included. That being said, I'm proud to announce that I, alongside some brave and bold women, have been working our blessed asses off to establish the first official @womensmarch chapter in New York City. If you or anyone you know is moving to the big apple or just visiting, you're welcome to come by our coven anytime. It's been a lovely holiday (s/o to family, friends, and the new layer of fat on my hips) but I've never felt more prepared to get back to work.


Only way to go is up

I am. I am. I am.

After the most terrifying flight of my 23 year old life, I am back home in NY and that fire in my belly is burning brighter than it ever has. Very exciting projects to share in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, here's a mirror pic in a tacky hotel ✊🏼

Unity is not uniformity

✊🏾With my own kind ✊🏼

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