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Many moons ago, an Instagram account called @thepowerthread found me and I've been made better by it ever since. The Power Thread is a relatively new website and campaign that amplifies and unites the voices of everyday young women - not unlike yours truly - around the world.
I was pleased to meet and chat with its brave, bold and business savy founder, @mariagilfoyle, on a stroll around the village last weekend. For a recent college grad, she's not nearly as clueless as she should be and it seemed like a no-brainer to lend her my ugly mug and a few thoughts on the past year's protests, confronting privilege and what I define as true power. I've recently found that my adult life is governed by the cravings of a younger, more insecure self. Each time I make a decision - both professionally and personally - I like to imagine if the woman I'm becoming is one that my adolescent self would have a poster of hanging on her wall. I'm not certain if I'm quite there, but young-me is definitely telling her friends she kind of maybe likes my hair. Link in bio.

Searching for enough confidence to give a speech in front of 100 people like... All the gratitude in the world to those that came out to the first @womensmarchnyc Open House last night. It's been tremendously humbling to watch our network grow from just 40 women to over 600 men, women and their families in just 9 months. In a city where there is so much to care about with so many other orgs, it means the world that you've chosen us.
In my speech, aka the drunk wedding toast no one asked for, I spoke about my journey to activism - one that is privileged, rife with power suits and platforms and rather recent considering it only began in 2012. Though less than a decade ago, it was a different time and mainstream, "t-shirt feminism," as I like to call it, hadn't hit quite yet. What has been my norm for the last two years was slightly radical then. And to some I understand it still is. But ultimately, this chapter is not just for seasoned activists. We strive to be an inclusive, woman of color-led organization that is a safe space for all on their own journey. My dream for this chapter is to somehow play a role in yours. If you're based in NYC or find yourself here soon, please look us up. And do it quick before I drink all the tiny wine bottles.

Only thing keeping me from getting a pageboy haircut is the fact that long hair doubles as a curtain between me and the assholes I don't want to see.

Wearing the pants AND the hat since '94

🚨Long caption 🚨I have to write about an experience I had recently on a flight: I was on the phone at my gate recounting an uncomfortable experience from the past weekend to a family member when a (very attractive) man about my age sat next to me. Every few moments I'd notice him laughing under his breath and in all candor, because he reeked of alcohol, I assumed he was simply a sloppy drunk. After a few more moments, he leaned over to apologize for eavesdropping and to inform me that I was, "fucking funny." As the plane began to board we discovered we were sitting next to each other. Truthfully, I was pissed. I had every intention of listening to broody music and ruminating on an issue that was plaguing me. But it only took about five minutes to realize that he was as plagued as I was. Three hours later, we had thoroughly dissected each other's lives in a fast and furious, battle-of-wits type of conversation. Before you think this is the start of some sort of sickly sweet Hallmark movie, the bulk of the conversation was punctuated by our respective tortured love stories starring other people. One sloppy drunk became one and a half and before I knew it, we were back on the ground forced to face our own uncertain realities once more. The point, you may wonder, is this: I don't feel any closer to resolution than I did before I boarded, but what an exquisite twist of fate and fortune that even something as ugly as heartbreak could bond two strangers and that for even a few hours, we could suspend disbelief. I needed to hear that I hadn't done it all wrong. He needed to hear that sometimes love looked like letting a partner lead their own lives - especially when it doesn't involve you. Despite everything, we were able to give those gifts to one another. I can't be sure if it'll work out for either of us. But thank fuck he missed his flight that morning and somehow ended up on mine...

Because kindness is perhaps the most radical salve against hatred in our world, on this Monday morning I'm going to write about my friend of many years, @lindseymonet. This bad bitch has built everything she is, both professionally and personally, all by herself. She has thrived in two major cities, again largely on her own. She has shown up - literally and figuratively - for everything I've organized here in NYC and beyond. And she does all of it with the utmost positivity and grace. I've never known anyone who could find fault in her...aside from bitchy fellow models, who I might add, eventually become one of her many friends. She just can't help but draw folks into her orbit and I don't blame them one bit. If you ever need an ally, she's your girl. But you best nab her ASAP because one day you might find yourself on a waitlist. I look so forward to the fame-stick hitting you square across the face, my friend. I just hope you'll consider me for an assistant role.

A kind stranger took this of me. Didn't have much in common other than we both love 🍆 & this warm community. I wave my flag for those on all ends of the spectrum today and for the rest of my life. Especially the ones who are still not free to celebrate.

Let's make no mistake, the executive order signed yesterday may have put an end to family separation BUT 1. It does not reunite the thousands of children taken prior to the order OR 2. Put an end to the cruel, unnecessary detainment of innocent families. While you were sleeping, hundreds of children were quietly flown (some via American Airlines who LIED yesterday and released a statement of refusal to transport unaccompanied children) to New York and have already been placed in foster care and group homes. This man and the complicit cowards behind him want you to believe otherwise but don't get it twisted, we are NOT DONE. In fact, now is the time to become bolder. I live my life by the notion that even everyday kindness is a radical act. If you are as wracked with worry as I am, I don't want a like on this photo without an accompanying action. Donate to @raicestexas or @aclu_nationwide, organize or attend one of the MANY actions happening everyday, apply to become a child advocate as I have via @theyoungcenter, call or write to your reps, SCREAM your outrage on any platform you can. On June 28th, there will be a civil disobedience action in D.C. If you would like to put your body on the line for this, please DM me and I will make certain you have the opportunity do so. I understand life poses limitations but I write this plea to ask that you do SOMETHING. Years from now, you'll want to have been on the right side of history. This is no longer about politics. It's about what should be rudimentary morality. #womendisobey

Yesterday I finally got to see a concept I've had since leaving high school come to life. The anxiety young women (and men) have about growing up is not nearly addressed enough. Destigmatizing it takes powerful, authentic and candid figures like the ones standing to my left and right to share their successes but more importantly, to unpack the difficulties behind them - the loneliness, the string of failures and the humility we are forced to embrace because of them. I love these women next to me not because they KILLED it yesterday but because they got REAL. That, is the ultimate love language. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to secure it as a PERMANENT PANEL SERIES at @toledosua! To the students, you lift my little black heart more than anything in this life. If spilling tea with you could be a calling, it's certainly mine. #growthaftergraduation #womenhelpingwomen

If I were cool enough I'd caption this with a Cardi lyric, specifically: "I'm a gangsta in a dress/I'm a bully in the bed/Only time that I'm a lady's when I lay these hoes to rest." But alas, I am sadly not. Tales of a reluctant basic bitch.

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