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Waiting at the bus stop! Best mail day!

First day of school 2018-19! First grade and Third grade!

Visiting our classrooms! Jackson’s classroom is repping space and ET - his favorite things!

It’s open house night! Third grade and first grade! #itsfineimfine #fricksummer2018

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

No matter where I am going when I leave the house, my phone always thinks I’m going to #Target.

Brad got new Dixie cups for the bathroom and they have cute designs and a joke on each cup. I turned the cup over and over to find the punchline but it appears that you must download an app that goes with the cups to receive the this bit. What kind of hellish company adds to the never ending routine of getting your kids to bed? Bath, teeth, floss, mouthwash, books, snuggles, questions, nightlights, yelling, potentially crying depending on the day, requests for drinks of water, and now we have to stop and get our phones and open an app to get the answer to a joke? Jesus! They didn’t use actual parents in their focus groups. And the box touts “10 different designs!” Please fuck off with that!


Even perfectly timed travel requires a lot of waiting. #fricksummer2018

Early morning airport photoshoot. #freckles #fricksummer2018 #imrealtired

Closing out our vacation with one of our favorite people! #fricksummer2018 #forgottenwallet #Onedollarparking @ Stillwaters Tavern

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