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  “She is made out of affirmations and self love. You can’t break a woman like that.”⚜️❤️✨ Love Storyteller @occasionsbyaudi @legacyofloveandlight

Be the bigger person. Extend the love branch. If they can’t be self aware, cut them lose. #chooselightandlove

There’s no competition in my circle. We are all ALPHA QUEENS. 👸🏽👑 At any given moment either can step in and lead the pack. •

When you know who you are, you will never compare, compete or copy anyone. #QueensAmongQueens #smallcircle

Your talent + Give it to people = PURPOSE ❤️✨ #carelessaboutFAME

Master Manifesting ✨✨✨

Yes, God!! 🤗😊🥰❤️💛 #lifeofJAB

🔑 And you cant manipulate the universe. It knows your heat. You have to mean it, don’t just say it.

Ever ever. 💥

Yes, so proud. 💛👏🏽 @jasminerashae

Stand in your power.

Facts!!! 🙌🏾❤️✨#grateful

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