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Auckland Zoo  Auckland Zoo is home to the largest collection of animals in New Zealand and just minutes from central Auckland.


Today we're releasing over 400 individual wētāpunga onto The Noises’ Motuhorapapa Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

After these wētāpunga have settled in to their new home and reach breeding age, our hope is that they will increase the genetic diversity of their species.

As well as releasing wētāpunga, our team will also be looking for evidence of ‘wild-born’ juvenile wētāpunga – an exciting sign that we are close to our goal of establishing a self-sustaining population on the island.

Since the Auckland Zoo wētāpunga programme started in 2012, we have bred and released more than 3,000 wētāpunga onto pest-free islands - Motuora, Tiritiri Matangi and privately owned Motuhorapapa and Otata islands.
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Early tomorrow morning our three Bornean orangutans are flying south to their temporary new home at @oranawildlifepark.
Charlie and our two females Melur and Wanita will stay at Orana for two years while their home here, our South-east Asian precinct, undergoes the biggest development in our 95 year history.
Our primate team leader Amy will be in Christchurch to help them settle in and over the next two years our primate team will take turns working at Orana to give our orangutan continuity and support.
Once our grand design is completed, our orangutans will return to a stimulating new environment that will also house tigers, otters and a variety of reptiles, fish and invertebrates. “This precinct will transform almost one fifth of the Zoo, and will offer our visitors a stunningly immersive experience of one of the most wildlife-rich but threatened places on Earth,” says Auckland Zoo director, Jonathan Wilcken.
“It’s a region close to our hearts with big conservation challenges and opportunities, and an area that we’re very active in supporting.” Read more about our exciting Sumatran-focused development on our website.
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It’s the perfect weather to hang out with our troop of squirrel monkeys! 🐒
These monkeys are extremely agile and fast and unlike our other zoo inhabitants the spider monkey, their tail is not used for climbing but as a kind of "balancing pole". They eat mainly fruit and insects but also invertebrates, flowers, leaves and seeds.
During mating season, males gain considerable amounts of weight known as 'fattening', interestingly, the fatter the animal the more attractive it is to a female!
Catch our free keeper talks throughout the week to get up close to our squirrel monkeys and their habitat mates the sociable capybara – the full schedule is on our website.
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Happy Universal Children’s Day! This day was established by the United Nations to advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights.
Here at Auckland Zoo we’re celebrating kiwi kids and their right to an education. One way we do this is with our friends @thewarehousenz who we partner with for the School Zoofari programme, and also helping out are Ritchies Coachlines who provide transport to and from the zoo.
This programme has enabled thousands of students to participate in unique conservation-based learning.
Our Schools Programme Manager Laura Rayner says, “These wonderful children, many of whom have never had the opportunity to even visit a zoo before, are our future conservationists. If you love something, you want to nurture it and protect it – that's what we want to share and inspire in these children".
Learn more about The Warehouse School Zoofari on our website. 📚 🖍
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Don’t miss our free keeper talk at 2.15pm today with our two amazing Asian elephants Burma and Anjalee! 🐘
Watch as these two take a nice cool swim in their watering hole and then bathe themselves in sprays of fine dust with their trunks – these dust baths act as a screen to protect them from the midday sun.
Our elephant keepers will do a quick health check by having our elephants open their mouths wide and lift their legs so we can check their feet!
Free talks are on every day of the week. Get up close and learn something new about our animals from the people that know them best – our dedicated keepers! .
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It’s your last chance to see our Bornean orangutan before their big move!

Catch our keeper talk at 12pm today to see Charlie, Melur and Wanita before their trip down south to @oranawildlifepark. You'll see our orangutans eat the delicious treats our keepers make for them - like pinecones stuffed with yoghurt which they dig out with a stick!

Our three orangutans are heading to Orana for a two year stint ahead of our massive South-east Asia redevelopment project. Once finished, our orangutan will arrive to a stunning and expansive new home set alongside our siamang gibbons. This immersive new precinct will also house our tigers, otters, and a diversity of reptile, fish, and invertebrates.

Plan your visit before you get to the zoo! Free keeper talks are on each day of the week, see our website for the full schedule. 📷 by @chris_mclennan1
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We’re celebrating the arrival of Qia and Quartz, our two new female cheetah!

These big cat sisters arrived at our zoo last week and have been fulfilling their 30 day quarantine in our second tiger enclosure by Darwin’s Café.
Yesterday, our cheetah girls also celebrated their 2nd birthday! Our carnivore keepers made them a thirst-quenching ‘cake’ to commemorate the occasion out of home-made cheetah friendly ice-blocks.

Prior to our cheetah sisters arriving, keeper Emma spent time in South Africa getting to know them and their different personalities.
As ambassador animals for their wild cousins, Qia and Quartz were hand-reared and raised at @cangowildliferanch and will in the future ​become part of the international breeding programme for their species.
The arrival of Qia and Quartz is a continuation of Anubis and Osiris’ conservation legacy - giving visitors the opportunity to experience, connect with and learn about these incredible cats, and helping us to raise funds to support organisations like @cheetah_outreach and the vital work they do for cheetah in the wild.
You can see Qia and Quartz in their new enclosure this week! Once they’re ready, our keepers will take them on a walk to explore the rest of our zoo grounds.
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We have great news to share this #OrangutanAwarenessWeek - Bornean orangutan Madju is now a proud dad!
Born at Auckland Zoo in 2005 to parents Charlie and Melur, Madju was relocated to @buschgardens in the USA two years ago as part of the international breeding programme for this critically endangered species.
There he was paired with female orangutan Luna who has recently given birth to this soon-to-be-named 3 pound male!

The rainforest habitat that orangutan rely on to survive is shrinking year on year to supplement unsustainable palm oil plantations, in Sumatra alone forest cover was reduced by 55% between 1985 and 2014.
Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund proudly supports our conservation partners @socp.official and their work to create a self-sustaining wild population of orangutan in Sumatra’s protected Jantho Nature Reserve.
You can help at home by buying certified sustainable palm oil or palm oil free products – as only these products are deforestation free.
Download our wallet card to help you as you shop and send an email to our Food Safety Minister to ask for mandatory labelling of vegetable oils on our website.
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We’re thrilled to announce that one of the @rotoroaislandnz resident takahē pairs, Silberhorn and Teichelman, have hatched two precious chicks!
There are five takahē in total on this predator-free sanctuary with this breeding pair released onto the island in May 2015. Kaiako, their offspring from last summer, has been busy helping her parents look after the newly hatched chicks!
The last natural population of these nationally threatened birds is in the Murchison Mountains in Fiordland and with only about 350 takahē left in the world we have been working alongside our conservation partners @docgovtnz and Rotoroa Island Trust to contribute to the recovery effort.
It’s still early days for chicks this young so they will be discreetly monitored by Zoo and Rotoroa Island Trust staff. DOC’s Takahē Recovery Group has a goal to establish 125 breeding pairs of takahē at safe sites throughout New Zealand by 2020 – and they are very close to achieving this milestone!
Find out how you can get involved and support Takahē Recovery Programme at www.takaherecovery.org.nz
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This morning our veterinary team, in consultation with our specialist Carnivore keepers, made the tough but kindest call to euthanise our very elderly male cheetah Osiris.

Osiris was 12.5 years old and like his twin brother Anubis, had degenerative health issues due to his advanced age, including arthritis and loss of body condition.
In recent weeks he had noticeably slowed down and since the weekend his mobility had declined further.
“Like Anubis, Osiris has had a remarkably long run – the result of the great care and quality of life we’ve been able to give him here,” says Auckland Zoo veterinary services manager, Dr James Chatterton.
Osiris and Anubis came to Auckland Zoo in 2006 as part of an international ambassador programme to grow awareness for Africa’s most endangered cat. Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund proudly supports @Cheetah Outreach, a trust working to save cheetah from extinction in their wild habitat of South Africa.
Our Carnivore team leader Lauren, who has cared for Anubis and Osiris for nearly 11 years, says “while it’s heart-breaking to have to say goodbye to these incredible big cats, there is much to celebrate about them”. Our two young female cheetah Qia and Quartz will continue the conservation legacy of Anubis and Osiris in captivating the hearts of millions of zoo visitors.

Read more on our website - www.aucklandzoo.co.nz
#cheetah #conservation

The Coast or Takutai is home to our colony of little penguin, New Zealand fur seal, spotted shag Austin and tūturiwhatu (New Zealand dotterel).
New Zealand’s coastline is known for its rugged cliffs, black sand beaches, sand dunes and native plants such as pīkao (golden sand sedge) - this environment gave rise to a range of endemic species that rely on this habitat to survive.
The Coast area of our zoo is home to wild rescues that were not able to be released back into the wild due to their injuries. You can see one of our little penguin happily swimming along with just one flipper!
Visit The Coast in Te Wao Nui to learn more about the amazing marine species we have in New Zealand and the conservation work that goes into protecting them.
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Our stunning Jackson’s chameleon will have you believe he is resting until you see his eye dart around taking everything in.
As well as the ability to change colour, chameleons have 360 degree vision which means their eyes can see all around the room without even needing to turn their heads - how handy would that be? 👀
You can see our chameleon with other fascinating reptile species in Lizard Lane.
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