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AUBSU  Empowering Arts University Bournemouth students since 1988.

Get your mugs/reusable cups out into the courtyard tomorrow at 12pm for some free soup and wellbeing advice. Never say we’re not too good to you, AUB!

If you missed us outside in the courtyard this week making tree prints with blocks of wood and ink and our fancy new 100% recycled paper (50% of which comes from recycled coffee cup waste that was destined for landfill) then tough. Just kidding, we could never be that mean. If you head over to @studentsfortrees and sign their #TreeCharter and learn yourself up about all things sustainability then it’ll be as though you never missed us at all!

We’re all about the metaphors here at AUBSU. Hence this wall we built so that you can write your questions surrounding disability on before we destroy it at tonight’s Demystifying Disabilities workshop (because we’re breaking down the walls that society places on those with disabilities, get it?) #metaphorsaregoodforengagement

We’re pretty fond of this batch of eggs. So fond, in fact, that they’re our first ever #SocietySpotlight, which is a new thing we’re doing to show off how bloody brilliant our societies are. Head over to our Facebook page (we’re AUB Students’ Union in case you’re not already following us, and if you’re not then, like, shame on you) to read all about ‘em!

Our zine society made a thing. Surprise surprise, it’s a zine, but we can’t really blame them for sticking to what they’re good at.

TLDR; if you fancy trying your hand at a creative collaboration but don’t know how to find another likeminded individual to collaborate with, then we can help at our Creative Matchmaking event tonight!

We read a thing about metaphors being great for getting a point across in marketing, so let’s try this one out for size... You: a lonely sock, in search of another sock

Us: a washing basket full of odd socks, ready to mix and match to create beautiful new sock combinations

Get it?

#metaphorsarefun #soarehashtags #hashtagsforengagement #weregreatatthismarketingthingie #boomerangbecausewerebasicbitches

Thank you to all of our student eggs who joined us at Saturday’s #PeoplesVote march in London.

Student Unions aren’t just about student discounts and cool freebies (though we DO definitely enjoy both of those things). Our roots are political. Our motto is “empowering AUB students”. Saturday was our chance to be involved in one of the biggest decisions made during our generation’s lifetime, and we hope everyone who left London on Saturday evening felt just as empowered as we did 🇪🇺🇪🇺 Photo credit: @hatasvadasz

At the risk of stating the obvious, AUB students are really great, and our fabulous Race Equalities egg Louise, who made these badges and organised a whole month of events for Black History Month that you should totally attend, is definitely one of the greatest #AUBBHM18

If you were wondering why we decided to chuck a climbing wall up in the middle of campus on a seemingly random sunny Thursday afternoon, then you may be slightly disappointed to learn that there isn’t really one specific reason at all. Maybe it’s an effort by us to show off our climbing society (@aubclimbing), or maybe it’s a subtle attempt to get students active, or maybe it’s simply because we think climbing is bloody good fun and we just thought it would be cool to have a climbing wall on campus for the day. Or maybe it’s all three.

You asked for ‘em, so we got ‘em - the toilets by the canteen are now all gender neutral toilets, because everybody deserves to be able to pee in peace regardless of gender identity or expression

If you happen to see a sudden influx of seagull bags around campus and you were wondering whether you’d missed out on joining some sort of seagull-themed secret society, then you’d be absolutely correct...

Nothing to see here, it’s just your good ol’ AUBSU showing off our limited edition bags we gave out at Freshers’ Fair today, please continue with your Instagram scrolling...

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