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AUBSU  Empowering Arts University Bournemouth students since 1988. Freshers’ Fortnight info at the link below 👇

We’re all about reusing things here at AUBSU HQ, such as this poor broken mug which once housed our social media person’s daily cup of coffee but now it houses some wildflower sproutlings, which under no circumstances should anybody attempt to drink

We’re continuing our tradition of posting a snap of our new sabbatical officers proudly celebrating their take-over of the SU whilst the old officers claw sadly at the window of the office inside. We’re not sure why it’s a tradition, but we’re still running with it 5 batches of officers later... #outwiththeoldinwiththenew

What a year it’s been, thank you to everyone who has supported us. It’s been a blast! If you want to stay in touch follow us on insta @ezraaah_evans @beth.rubery - Beth and Ezra out! #itsover

Hitzefrei (Germany) - to have time off from work or school because of excessively hot weather

Happy @smallpressday to our very own @bumfmedia, which is best enjoyed in the sun with with a nice iced coffee, but we forgot the iced coffee so sadly we’re not experiencing this issue to it’s true potential #sunsoutbumfsout #yeswerepostingonaweekend #dedication

If you enjoy drinking things then you may be interested to know that we have collaborated with some of the greatest designers around to bring you these stunning AUB-branded mugs, which are currently for sale on our website. We filled ours with coffee and some milk that was nicked from the fridge in another office, but you can fill yours with whatever you want (though we’d probably suggest not nicking milk from random offices on campus like us...) #mugshot #AUBSUCoffeeClub #itsnotarealclub #butitshouldbe

We could put up a really informative post about all the things we’ve got going on this week, such as freshers’ planning, and our new sabbatical officers starting their handover, but instead we’d much rather post a nice picture of our campus in the sun! #ourcampusisprettierthanyours

We love our students. Like, we just want to wrap them all up in our arms and give them a good proper hug followed by a pat on the head before we send them out into the big wide world to do their thing, but we can’t do that so we decided to hold a Graduation After Party, which kind of helps to sum up how we feel about all of our hundreds of graduating kids without all of the awkward hugging. We’re cool like that, you see. #ticketlinkinbio #hashtagsforengagement

Giving our best Blue Steel at @officialgfw ready to see the amazing talent of @aubfashion @inspiredaub #graduatefashionweek #aubsu #aubfashion #bluesteel #zoolanderjokes

Who’s got a brand spankin’ new team of freshly trained Exec Officers? Us guys. More importantly, who’s spent their entire afternoon making Play-Doh worms? Also us guys.

Did you know that we are also selling Graduation Afterparty tickets in a group-buy bundle? If you did know then good on you for being so up-to-date, but if you didn’t know then that’s cool, I (the AUBSU social media person) am here to tell you that if you’ve got 4 pals then you can purchase your 5 tickets together for the grand old price of £65 (usually £75), saving yourself £5. It may not sound like a massive saving, but it’s a saving nonetheless. Think of it as us giving you back a fiver for being so awesome and for reading this post on Instagram!

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