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aubry wiltcher  I'm becoming the most empowered, loving and balanced version of me and hopefully by doing so I inspire and empower you! 🙌🏼💚

If you caught my story the other day then you saw @acrowithjon patiently trying to explain what were were about to do. From start to finish the explanation went way over my head 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I nodded yes and hopped on Jons feet anyway. Why? Trust. Jon is incredibly talented and intuitive, if you ever have the chance to play or hit his workshop don't miss it! More on trust. When you trust yourself, others and the universe- potential is abundant, love flows, failures are simply lessons and chances are you'll surprise yourself time and time again. #guyswerealive #fuckyes #loveandalliscoming

Balance and peace come from within. Last chance to save $10 on my @codyapp From Fear to Love Flows! You’ll get unlimited 24/7 access to all 5 classes, which are designed to physically embody the teachings we learn in meditation.

We begin each flow with subtle movements to awaken the body and mind. Next we gently welcome the daily intention by exploring balance, strength, or backbends. Experience one of the classes for yourself! Free preview available at or through the link in my bio.

In life there's no way of knowing what's next but one thing is for sure- it's almost always better with friends 💚👯 #beagoddess

When we make decisions from a place of love rather than a place of fear, love is what we attract. In my life, when I’ve embraced being vulnerable, I’ve attracted an abundance of love and support — much more than I would have received by appearing rigidly strong. This idea of openness and vulnerability is the focus of my @codyapp From Fear to Love Flows. We take meditative teachings and infuse them into full-bodied yoga sequences. I know that if you incorporate these classes into your practice, soon they will find their way into your daily life!

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Oh, just prepping for my scene 🦄💪🏼 #nauli #strength #aloyoga

It's pretty rare that I feel super girly, take the time to do my hair/makeup or even take selfies that include my face. But every time I work with @noseph and @aloyoga I can't help but feel like a damn queen 👸🏻💁🏻 #beagoddess

Find mindfulness in movement. The classes in my From Fear to Love Flows series on @codyapp intentionally infuse meditative lessons into the physical asana. Each 30-minute flow focuses on a different intention such as vulnerability and determination to transcend fear and discover love.

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You're a flower, never be afraid to bloom 🌹
#beagoddess #aloyoga

Cotton candy skies ☁️🍭

It's been way too long since I've practiced on the canes (like months) I figured why not try some new shapes. Surprised myself a little 😊

Favorite new color from @aloyoga 💦

Is it ok for a “yogi” to lose their temper, talk some shit and act a complete fool?

Well, ok.
It really isn’t. But. It isn’t any less "ok" than another’s prime display and reminder of the fact that we are all just a hot mess. Human. Stardust. Entropy.
Don’t worry- I’m not trying to convince you guys of anything. That was all for me. To remind me that when I fall away from my set intention it isn’t the end of the world, its an opportunity to learn from my mistakes, realign and try again.
I used to be such an asshole. Bricks through windows, fights, monthly broken phones and fits like you wouldn’t believe! Not like I can’t still act like an asshole- but I no longer identify with that persona as a whole. It occupies only a small fraction of who I am. I’m so proud of that. It has taken a lot of work to acknowledge and begin to overcome the root issues.
But oh maaaaan. It’s not an excuse, but I’m for sure PMS’ing and all it took were a few triggers this morning and I found myself being reprimanded for being mean and cursing in public… yep true story.
So should I cease my yoga practice? Give up on meditation all together? Give my mats away? I mean, you can’t be both mindful, spiritual and be a huge bitch right?
Uh. No. Wrong. Its times like these when I need self love, compassion and a little quiet time the most.
This applies to all of us, and nearly all struggles- addiction battles, breaking or building habits, fitness goals, relationships etc etc.
Life isn’t a win or lose game. Think of it as a practice. You're doing great 👍💚

Let's get this day started with a giveaway!

It's been a bit since I've given something away here on the grams and you guys had SO MANY questions when I shared my morning routine last week. It got me all kinds of inspired so I sent out some emails and the lovely people over at @freskincare were nice enough to donate a full set for me to giveaway!! A little about the prize:
FRÉ is the first skincare line specially formulated for sweating skin! Hot yoga much?
The set includes: hydrating facial cleanser, facial moisturizer and a replenishing serum (my personal favorite)
Also- random but I LOVE that, for every set sold, an Argan Tree of Life is planted. Dope.

Ok, to enter the giveaway:
Follow @freskincare
Leave a comment and tag a sweater 😂
Starts today and ends may 17th.
My new friends at Fré and I will randomly choose someone and announce it on may 17th!

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