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aubee 🐝💕  az / 24 / 🎨drawing / 🍥anime / Gajeel-kun💕 💸commissions: OPEN - dm me! psn/sc: aubreyzombie #aubreyzombieocs💖 @kawaiibowtique🎀

But yes @e.nnuii said to draw my fave otp soo yes & there's the sketch (w/ my attempt to fix digitally) I'll try to make myself finish this tomorrow since its midnight & I got work lol

I fucked up inking this.. Lolol so here's the sketch... I'm gonna fix it digitally cause why not..

Someone wanna give me an idea to draw c:

I'll never take it offfff!! Feel like a magical babe! @sugarbone is amazing! This beanie is perfection! Matches my @misskika Moonlight Legend shirt!!

*screams* my package from @sugarbone got here today and I'm sooooo happy!!! I adore everything!! The "Not your Waifu" pin is perfection! The "Babe with the Power" beanie will never leave my head! It's perfect!

Oooooh this is so excited I'd be soooo happy to win! (・´♡`・) @porukachii #porukachii10k

Can't sleep so I ended up finishing it! I feel proud I finished something! But OMG I'm also sooooo in love with Night with short hair! So here's him being a cutie with @catnigart's oc Ria! #aubreyzombieocs

I'm always so excited when I'm shown an amazing artist! Just found @zeevkesley though this giveaway and looking through his feed I already fell in love with his art! It's all so beautiful and I love it so much! So even if I don't win I wanna commission one day! But it'd be amazing go win c: Go check out his work if you haven't already! #zeev4444

Here's some wips!? c: was originally just gonna be a doodle but my ass always gotta be extra ... Haha I love Night so much.. (´∀`)♡♡♡ & there is the lovely @catnigart's babe Ria.. #aubreyzombieocs

& here's Isaiah... I still love him with short curly hair... I don't draw him as often as I should! But him Night & Siron are brothers if no one knew... Lol #aubreyzombieocs

Siron with shorter hair then usual... I have no idea what I'm doing I just have urge to change alot of my oc's! #aubreyzombieocs

Night got a haircut... I think I wanna chop off Siron's hair too.. But I dunno wahhh! #aubreyzombieocs