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Artist @aleahaleah_’s nude portraits destroy ideal beauty standards. 🖌  To see her portraits click link in bio!

Do you need to take an adulting class? 😼

Do you think patients should have legal access to marijuana? 🍁#WorthYourATTN

This revolutionary gun can heal burns in a matter of days. #WorthYourATTN

Feel the Bern.🔥 Do you agree w/@berniesanders?

Check out his full story and where you can donate by clicking our link in bio! #feelgoodfriday#fgf

The average hip replacement in the U.S. costs $40,364. In Spain, it's only $7,371! 😷Do you think it's time to end these insane price disparities? 📣@joshsundquist

Can you relate? Tag a friend who sticks by your side through the rough times! ❤️#mentalhealth

Would YOU live in an “Adult Dorm?” 🤔

Would you have liked to go to farm school as a kid? 🍓

We need more funding to combat the opioid epidemic. #WorthYourATTN

It’s not what you think!🤔 Take a look at our IG Story!

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