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Atticus & Lolita  A tale of two feline lovers. ✨ Account run by cat mom, @orionvanessa 🐱💗🐱

Lolita doesn’t know what person space means. I think she gets that from me.

Of course, as Atticus posses for his glamour shot, Lolita just HAS to camera hog and start asking for attention 🤦🏻‍♀️🐱❤️

All grown up 👼🏻

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone’s favorite feline lovers ❤️

So as some as you may know, when I made the move to LA, I left Atticus and Lolita behind with my mom in Atlanta so I could settle in. Making the move across the country was stressful enough as it is, so I didn’t want to involve A&L in fear it’d also stress them out! So for the meantime they’ve just been chilling with my mom until they can make the move themselves! Wellll... I’m finally back home for the holidays and look who I ran into.
P.S. She outgrew some of the gray on her face and her nose is tufted and white!!! I DIE!!!

When it’s late at night and mama brings out the guitar, Atticus is always front row for the show ✨

Those eyes ❤️

Curious little kitty ✨✨

Missing cuddle time ❤️

"..... And this is where all the magic happens" - Atticus

Mom!!! Look at how cute I am!!! Show me attention!!!!!

#HappyInternationalCatDay Atticus & Lolita! 😻❤️😻

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