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Atticus & Lolita  A tale of two feline lovers. ✨ Account run by cat mom, @orionvanessa 🐱💗🐱

when your mom color coordinates your outfits....

new sheets, new me.
thank you for the linen hook up @brooklinen!!! now i can stretch out more comfortably on my hooman’s bed!!!

hello hoooooman 🤠

atticus back in atlanta making air biscuits on his grandmas bed (with her adorable narration) will by far be the cutest thing you’ll see today 🐾 also two things... 1. his constant snaggletooth that chills outside of his mouth is my favorite and 2. ever since he was a kitten i’ve called him stuart little... am i the only one that sees the resemblance?!?!? 🐁

This story ends with curiosity not..... killing the cat.

sometimes your ears just get too cold you feel??? 🐼

someone’s extra playful today 🐆

A lot of you have questioned Lolita and why she looks so different!! As a baby and teen, she had an all gray face, but it wasn’t until after having babies of her own and growing up a little, her fur grew in white! Now she sports a cute little trail between her eyes with the additional pink on her nose and mouth. Her fur is also much longer and softer!! Still the same cuddly Lolita though, not to worry ❤️

sleepy loli girl 🐱

They’ll hang us in the Louvre... in the back... but who cares.... it’s still the Louvre

Lolita doesn’t know what person space means. I think she gets that from me.

Of course, as Atticus posses for his glamour shot, Lolita just HAS to camera hog and start asking for attention 🤦🏻‍♀️🐱❤️

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