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Nicklas & Anne-Therese  Live in Oslo, Norway, with my cat, Nicklas (british short hair), born 05.02.2004😺 Passion for food & wine. 📷 iPhone 8plus and Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Grooming time 😺

🎶 I don’t care if Monday’s blue.. 🎶 #iDo #really #catshatemondays

I hope your day was as good as mine 😻🌹

I hope Sunday bring us as much sunshine as yesterday ☀️😻

I’ll do anything to get a hold of that scampi 🍤😻 #foodie #pantalons #caturday

A cat in a drawer - nothing weird about that 😻

Sometimes I have to tell Mom that it’s time for her to serve me dinner #sheesh #meow #badservice #tgif

All I really want is for Mom to let me drink some tap water 💦😻 #purr #cutenessoverload #easytoplease

Mr. Grey 🧡🧡

Nicklas always sits by the sink and follow every move I make in the morning. Maybe he’s lucky to get some water from the tap 💦😻 And some cuddles of course ❤️ #tbt

Mom didn’t bring me any shrimp from her sushi class 🙀 (Ref. my previous post) 🍣🍤😻

I took a sushi class today at @kulinariskakademi 🍣 It was so much fun! And I learned several techniques. Now I’m looking forward to practice more - about seven years to be as good as a Japanese sushi chef.. 🍣😋 #sushi #maki #uramaki #sashimi #food #foodporn

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