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When all the ladies be tryna throw you dat 🍑 but you just be like 🤮🙅🏻‍♂️🌈👬🍆🏳️‍🌈#prideweek #pride #sorryladies

Feeling hot AF at the @alvinailey gala tonight, mostly because this flu I’m running has me at a smooth 100.5°F. #gala #alvinailey #ijustwanttobehealthyagain

Mid ugly cry sesh because one of my absolute favorite humans left me today for another man in another city (@jeffreyburke take good care of her 😭💔😭💔) @gleta you are one of the best things New York brought to me. See you on the west coast. ❤️❤️❤️

Toronto: came to visit old Birthright friends, still spent an entire day with @tarynseifert. Anyone surprised?

Seriously, though, thank you @simonbredin and @justinteperman for showing me this incredible city! Couldn’t have asked for better hosts. ❤️🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈 #birthright #reunion #toronto #travel

“God, when does @danceworksnyc start up again?” #dwnyclove 📸: @jamesjinimages 🕺🏻: @lyn_e475

How I feel knowing that the @danceworksnyc show opens THIS SATURDAY! Get your tickets people, fo realz:

P.S. @nicole_padilla this will forever be my favorite photo of us.

Don’t be fooled, I’m a lot redder than I look. 🦀 #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #burnttoacrisp

My forever Broadway opening night party date ❤️ #angelsinamerica

Guatemala 2017 ➡️ Prom 2010

It’s @tarynseifert ’s 25th birthday, so let’s all just take a moment of silence to remember the time I vomited before asking her to junior prom on stage in front of the entire school and appreciate that we have grown into significantly less cringeworthy and relatively attractive humans cuz let’s be real I didn’t see that coming for either of us. Love you, my #1 since day #1. ❤️ #shestillsaidyes #HBD #thathairtho #est2006

Hey @adaripp, despite a dislocated shoulder, team USA managed to snatch gold at beer olympics this weekend. Since we are both olympic medalists, will you be my boyfriend now? 🥇 #poconos #jackfrost #loveme

Because I am just so happy that the @danceworksnyc season has started up again and that it is @danceorgbc ~*aluminati*~ reunion weekend! 😭😍🕺🏻 So here are some fun pics from the last DanceWorks NYC season. #DOBC #aluminati #dwnyclove

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