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Natalie Haggard  Prince to King 👑 -2005 OTTB Blazon’ Drama 🔥- 2013 OTTB

Playing dress up with Blaze last night in my @barnestackroom bridle 😍 feels like a sneak peek into his future

Baby Horse Update: I sat on Blaze today AND we moved, does this make today his first ride off the track? So proud of him. I haven’t been doing much aside from general care, some walks, etc. He had an abscess in his toe that he seems to be over now and his feet have been feeling much better! From here, I’ll continue doing the same thing, but maybe with a few more bareback walks on these beautiful fall days🍁🍂

Dressage shows with Tribby next year? I sure hope so ❤️

😍 Tribby has been working so hard for me this fall. His counter canter continues to improve as well as my ability to ride it. He has a great lead change and riding the counter canter to the rail is pretty challenging for him and he generally feels like he needs to swap leads. Since his massage with @loveabulldesign , he’s been feeling stronger and more able to hold the lead 💪 it’s pretty cool and I’m so happy that he’s feeling so great in his body these days. ❤️

Puss in Boots: Live Action 🐱 #bottrickortreat

Doing a lot of counter canter recently to help us with our straightness, balance, and overall strength 💪 it’s good mental exercise too as I find Tribby focuses more during this exercise than during a regular canter!

Me 1.5 months ago: wow this horse reminds me SO much of Tribby
Me now: wow....this horse reminds me so much of Tribby.... (Real story 😂 they bring me so much joy ❤️ they are two peas in a pod)

When he was diagnosed with EPM this spring, I definitely didn’t think we’d be jumping again. The overwhelming relief and gratitude I feel for modern medicine can’t be put into words. Im unimaginably happy to be back to this with my most favorite boy❤️ this video is a section of the 3rd course of a jumper show we did on Sunday! He was feisty and sassy and gave me one heck of a ride! I was getting over a cold on Sunday and was pretty beat by this point but despite his fire, Tribby took great care of me in the show ring once again!

1 month ago today I went to the racetrack and loaded Blaze (JC: Blazin’ Drama) onto a trailer and took him home. Honestly, what a surreal experience. Since that day, he’s proven to be a kind, intelligent baby horse with a great attitude and a soft disposition. Looking forward to the future 💫

When you’re sick but the horses still need to work 🤧🤒 2 horse’s 1 ride

Post massage on Saturday 😊 big thank you to @loveabulldesign for making both my horses so ~floppy~! Tribby has been such a wonderful boy and generous older brother, he definitely deserves all the pampering possible 💝

Took the boys on a nice trail ride today to warm up for some trotting hill work and then gave them both bathes. I’m not riding Blaze at this time as I want to give him time to adjust and come down off the track more. He’s earned a good vacation 😊 but I do work with him daily and that varies between hand walking, ground work, and ponying. It’s good for him to have a “job” and be engaged daily as well as gives him the opportunity to gain non galloping muscles!

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