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A Tribe Called Dad - Podcast  We’re Dads. We’re DJs. We’re Friends. We have a podcast. Tune In Below 📻 🗣 HOSTS: @DJHapa👨‍👧‍👧 & @DJSpider👨‍👦 #ATribeCalledDad #DadLife

Brand new episode up now! Click link in bio to hear what songs our kids are singing along to that we feel like need to be BANNED! #dadlife #atribecalleddad cc: @djspider @djhapa

In case you didn't catch it yet, find out how this dad and his family of FIVE travel around the world with just the fashionable backpacks (no check in luggage allowed!) @joychasers @joychasersdad link in bio! #dadlife

The struggle is real. #dadlife @thedad

Anyone want ice cream for dessert?! #dadlife #atribecalleddad #momsnothere

From giving his 9 year old DJ lessons, to the importance of family dinner time, @jlevine shares his personal journey through fatherhood. Such great insight from this dude.🙌 Be sure to listen in! LINK IN BIO

So the DADS will be talking to the MOMS tomorrow... We’ll see who wins.
Listen in to our interview with @MomLifeYo Live on @Dashradio tomorrow 10amPST

Who run my house; GIRLS. (Or at least they Think they do). #Outnumbered 🙏

Alexa, play “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” 😎.
Thankful for family in every season. How many dads out there actually put on the Santa SUIT tho? Show of hands 🙋🏻‍♂️

Thanksgiving EPISODE up now! ...And we got BEEF with TURKEY!! Listen in.

If you don’t make your kids human game pieces, are you even a DAD? .
#HumanRingToss #ThanksgivingWeek

Gotta teach the kids the classics... My 2 daughters are into Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles. What music are yall currently exposing your kids to?

Do I let my kid watch the show? No.
Do I DJ the party? Yes.
Will I talk about it on #ATribeCalledDad ? Maybe.
Stay tuned...

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