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🦄  +60 | I make that I look like having a life here.

Not really a fan of cendol but this one is an exception. Delishhh gaiz!

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Look at the bright side though you may not have the brightest day 💡.
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Before marriage, I always thought "weh fun lah lepas kahwin can see each other every day no need to go out". Especially on NYE where you can watch fireworks together without worrying what time I have to be back at home.
Later when we got married, we are just chilling at home because the hubs is too busy working and I am too lazy to be in crowded place (too old i guess!). Here's to stepping into 2017! 2016, you have taught me many and you will surely be missed 💋
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I think I'm smiling at you behind the camera 😍

Throwback sikit sebab sebenarnya stuck dalam meeting during lunch hour apeni.

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A sinful plate of tea time (but you can get this 24 hours here) Johorean way, course! #lovehaterelationship #foodgasm #AATravels

Blending in 🍯
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Definitely worth trying! Their asam pedas (famous for fish head asam pedas) and otak-otak are the bomb!
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A moment before husband asked to walk towards him. Nampak sangat tegedik dengan husband ponnnnn 😂 .

May our love grows bigger taller larger than this tree, inshaAllah. Goodmorning ✨

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At times, this I what I do. I used to sit at the other side of the table, but to be given opportunity as an interviewer is goooold. Hello, people of JB (and its good food)! #myptdjourney #werkwerkwerk

Revamping old jeans be like.
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Even when you are up in the sky, keep your feet on the ground ☁️ #blueskyisamazing