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Patricia & Vince  A Touch From Heaven Hands on Healing ✨Energy Medicine ✨Crystal Healing ✨Meditation ✨Regression Therapy ✨House/ Office Clearings ✨Healing Circles

Join us on Dec 21st for a Winter Solstice/Full Moon Meditation @salt_cave_bolton
Embracing & welcoming the upcoming winter months & manifesting well-being on the full moon for the New Year 🎉
Limited space, call today to book your spot!

Date: Friday Dec 21st
⏰ 7:15pm & 8:30pm

15+ all genders lovingly welcomed (artwork: Jody Bergsma)

Happy to offer you this Holiday Special pricing as we did in 2017!
Still thinking of a unique present to gift a loved one or even yourself? 😉 Give the gift of personal sessions! A wonderful way to get pampered & reconnect with the beautiful light that's within. 🌟
Energy Medicine is a modality that stimulates the energy flow in &/or around your body, restoring & balancing on all levels & so much more!

Purchase by Dec 31st

1 session $80
Pkg 3 sessions $230

Seniors 65+ $75
Pkg 3 sessions $215

Booking appointments now for dates during the Christmas Holidays as your health & well being is our utmost importance to us. We're looking forward to connecting with you!

DM @atouchfromheaven for more info. 🎁🎄📦

Sometimes it feels like we all need to carry some of that special #essentialoils with us 😂 always be prepared! ******************************** #sage #cardreading #witchcraft #mooncycle #healingcrystals

No explanation needed 😂

👋 See ya later retrograde & heeellooo New Moon in Sagittarius! 🎉
Best time to write your "abundance cheques" is from Friday 2:20am until Saturday 5am (Eastern Standard Time)
Remember to share your abundance! 💞 *
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✨The energy emanating from the cardinal is that of a seer, that of a spiritual messenger.
✨The confidence flowing from the cardinal exemplifies the recognition of its own powers & gifts & doesn't take it lightly or for granted.
✨Cardinal has come to you offering you blessings in a sacred song, the song of the cardinal is... feel the flow of nature & the natural rhythms of the planet & your spirit..fall into flow with your power, this is your gift from above..emanate your true essence..this is the core of your power..fall in love with your life & naturally your spirit will shine. (excerpts from universe of symbolism)

Just before getting into my vehicle, I came across a chunk of amethyst in a parking lot! I got excited & thought "whaaa is that an amethyst?!" then it turned into "😞someone lost it"
I looked around before picking it up, took it, then noticed in the corner of my eye another piece. The smaller piece was the top part which contains a metal loop so this meant it was a wearable piece.

As I placed both pieces into my hand I instantly felt that this crystal was shown to me so that it would be taken care of properly in a loving way & not left to be run over & over again by tires. Since the ground isn't completely frozen yet it made it easier for burial back to where it belongs, into Mother Earth where it was lovinly accepted.
As I finished & looked up, I saw a beautiful cardinal so gracefully watching over me. A loving reminder that we're never alone 😊 - Patricia
(see next post for explanation)

"Don't you dare shrink yourself for someone else's comfort - do not become small for people who refuse to grow" * Marina V.

This is what a lot of us feel like doing (shrinking) as we go through the growing stages of reconnecting with our spiritual path. A time for remembering who we truly are, leaving aside the everyday wordly chaos going on around us or in our own little world (life)
Some will ask what's going on, why are we changing (for the better) mentally, spiritually, emotionally & even physically. Some might get happy for us & some may oppose just to bring our energies down. The majority are not seeing with clear eyes & not ready to take that step yet & that's ok, it's their life's experiences.
But you my dears... Do not shrink yourselves for someone else's comfort. 💞 - Pat

😂 and not too concerned about it either! 😁

We'll be at @salt_cave_bolton tonight! 💃
Don't forget to call 905-951-7258 to book your spot as there's limited space so everyone can feel comfortable in this beautiful #saltcave
See you there! 👋 Pat & Vince

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