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AtomKaye Year-Round Halloween

There is only one other bird cage in the world like this one, and it sits inside a house of royalty in England. Imagine the life of a bird who lived in such luxury. What emotions would you experience? Entrapment. Boredom. Laziness. You'd wonder what the great outdoors feels like, but you would never be able to experience it fully. Longing. Self pity. Self loathing. Cabin fever. People look at you all day but all you want is just a shred of privacy. Cynicism. Emptiness. A cage is a cage. lol. #KeepAnimalsOutOfCages

Think of the horizon as a filter; when traveling Horizontally, light waves get dispersed through varying prisms in the area. Whereas vertical direction light during high noon causes unflattering shadows, horizonal direction during sunset and sunrise create a more magical effect. As my fingers type this caption, I am coming to the realization that The Mountains Are Our Prisms.
In other news, a friend told me that pink is now a neutral color, because it complements well with all the other corresponding shades of colors. @ethnic.hippie is not wrong.
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Shot on Minolta by @pjama_gal

A girl travels through portals

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