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MARI TAKAHASHI  ▪️Gaming host | founding member @smoshgames ▪️Professional ballerina ▪️Survivor contestant ▪️Lover of robots, rockets, and action movies

3 months ago, we got married in Japan. Tonight, we’re celebrating with our family and friends in San Francisco! Feeling so grateful to share such a happy moment in our lives with so many loved ones ❤️
📷: @takeshi.sasaki_wedding | @nagomiproduce

Attempting some fancy footwork 🙈👟how’d I do?
Check these BTS Fusion #Flexweave's from @reebok for style and comfort! #ad

I started ballet when I was 2½. Went professional at 17. I thought I’d dance for the rest of my life. Now, I play video games for a living. Funny how things go. Unexpected. Grateful. Excited to keep hustlin. ✨ What’s your dream job?
📷: @peter_kitch

Healthy eyes 👁 happy eyes
I just took a quiz to really find out what my screening habits are like -- because let's face it... I use my phone, PC, tv, and tablet CONSTANTLY. I've left my results in the comments. Find out your results by going to and let me know your results! #eyelove #screenresponsibly #ad

Hey, yeah, hi I love these badass women. They inspire and motivate me through humor & positivity!👩‍🎤👊💫
Tag 2 friends who rock your world!

Me vs the week 👊 GIT WORK DONE BBS! #mondaymotivation
🎥: workshopping Superman punches with @leokeiangelos for our Wild West fight scene. Raise your hand if you remember it! 🖐

What’s your fave part about spending time with family? ❤️
Mine is sharing a delicious meal with those I love 🍕🌮🍙 I’m so grateful to have spent the week with my sister, brother, and cousin in-law, as well as other family! Hope you all had a great weekend!

My space man 😍✨🚀 @peter_kitch
🌎 What world (real or fantasy) would you want to explore?
(This pic reminds me of The Martian or No Man’s Sky)
📷: shot by me in collab w/ @space.hero.mission
We’re doing another space shoot at Crater Lake, Idaho at the end of the month with @space.hero.mission — excited!

When u know there’s tea being spilt but u just trynna mind ur own 🤭
Do you avoid gossip? Get wrapped up in it? Perpetuate it? Start it? Sip or spill the tea? Lmk below 👇

Nothing says Independence Day like a giant mech robot 🤘🤖🇺🇸🦅
Happy #fourthofjuly, to the USA!
To everyone else: Check it. This robot’s arm IS A CHAINSAW
🤖: @megabotsinc’s 12-ton 16-foot mech #eagleprime

Monday vibes 💜😈🔮
Have a dope week, everyone! 🤘
📷: @peter_kitch | 👚: @popflex_active #popflex

Typical attitude about stuff 👊😈🤘
Little life update: I’m on week 7 out of 10 of consistent weeks of travel. I’m sort of running out of fumes and am waiting to catch my second wind. Today I’m filming some things and getting work done despite a monster headache... throwin up devil horns and keeping the momentum going 🤘...but I really just wanna crawl back in bed 😭 how are you doing? Oh! It’s finally July!

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