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one of my faves, by @hanohouse :) #art

Shallow Oceans by andatsea on Tumblr.

by @juliaquaresma // hey everyone! i’m doing this thing on my finsta where i’ll be posting cute little nudes sent to me. meaning if i ever inspired u to take a pic of yourself, anything at all. send it to me, if i ever made u feel beautiful in any way lmk!! i’ve had so many women who randomly send me nudes just because they know i will never judge them and i’ve made them so comfortable around me nudity wise. thank u to everyone who happily sends me pic because i inspired them to

by @avrykua // just like this we grow together everyday, setting apart our differences and our personal living space. sitting in silence, as ur eyes get louder in my head. effortlessly loving unconditionally, living up to the standards YOU don’t set for me, but ones that i create freely. sometimes avoiding our interference, leaving the spaces between our conformity, hollow but not empty. and when I'm sad, he does help, but my own cloak helps the flower stand on its own, I don't need wood support.


by @slawekfedorczuk :) // you live and you learn, you can’t shield someone from their own life battles. if you don’t live you will never learn, people telling u “oh no he’s a bad guy, he’s a fuck boy don’t mess with him” won’t stop you from being interested in them. you have to go through heartbreak, tragic loses, and plain old life lessons, because u live and u learn. u gotta live thru it to know better for next time, so just give it time. eventually your mentality will change simultaneously with ur perspective on life.

"let's buck" by Shelby Kahr @shelbysoldseashells // I haven't written a poem in prob a week and a half, this is the longest I've gone this year without writing anything new. I went years without writing anything, I thought I could only write when I was extremely sad, because that's when I wrote my favorite pieces. but I've learned to write no matter my emotion, I've learned to thrive in everything.

by @byvaleriediaz :) @vjazmind is her official ig— for the first time i’m posting an actual personal friend’s art. i recently found out she did art and obviously was amazed by the creativity she expressed thru her art. and tbh i feel really blessed to have people who follow me for more than just my “provocative” pictures. anyways, hope everyone is having a good day and go give this beautiful woman a follow :)

Austrian painter, Rudolf Hausner (1914-1995)

by // this is beautiful I love it! hope everyone had a great day🎍see the whole picture on her page, and remember the void in ur heart can only be filled with friendships. (literally a naruto reference)

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