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The QUEEN 👑  While you're talking about me, let them know how much better I am than you, babe.

Daaaaang yall REALLY worried about me and what I do at Carver yo. Like I feel like its intimidation and jealousy 🤷🏽‍♀️ I HAVE REAL LIFE FANS. You take the time out of your day to start a childish "rumor" saying "Kilo and Ali flirt with everyone"..... Are you mad ? Are you jealous? Childish much. Like wassup?

If some feel hit, buss at my dm and apply pressure.

who trynna text?


💓 jesus why ain't i cuffed yet?

So in love with myself

chocolate&caramel💕 #fvsu

#fvsu was lit 💛 we shall return 😏 #fvsu



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