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Atlassian  Look behind the scenes at Atlassian and see what it's like to be part of the team.

Throwback Thursday or Funky Friday? Which time zone are you in? 😎 📷 @correfoto

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Whether you're #WFHForTheHolidays or a 100% remote employee, a good work space makes all the difference. 🖥 Swipe for inspiration, and drop your tips for creating a great set up in the comments! (And, yes, that is in fact a treadmill desk! 👀) #wfh #remotework #homeoffice #remotejobs
[Image description: A collection of five very different home office spaces shared by Atlassian team members.]

Curious about what it's like to work remotely full time? Join us on Facebook Live this Thursday for an "Ask Me Anything" event and get all your questions answered! (link in bio)

Want more tips? Follow our journey as we #WFHForTheHolidays. 🏡

#remotework #remotejobs #wfh #askmeanything

Finish this: "We’re rolling into the weekend and we're so happy because…" 🙌

#atlassiansf #team #captionthis #almosttheweekend
[Image description: A large group of happy Atlassian team members standing on steps.]

Research shows that when we’re surrounded by plants, we feel better thanks to improved air quality and the general sense of well-being indoor greenery provides. 🌱 When we’re happier and healthier, we’re more engaged in our work! What are some of your eco-friendly office practices? 🌏 Let us know in the comments!

#atlassiansf #sustainableworkplaces #goinggreen #ecofriendly #succulents 📷 @correfoto
[Image description: Varying shades of green succulent plants arranged to form the Atlassian logo which is sitting in front of a gray concrete wall.]

How we ShipIt: assemble your crew, work on whatever you want, you’ve got 24 hours… go! Thanks to everyone who played along during Monday’s guessing game. We’re excited to share with you the final product! 💙
#scenesfromshipit #atlassianshipit #stringart #teamwork #atlassianmtv
[Image descriptions: The first frame is a time-lapse video showing the creation of a string art project from start to finish. The second and third photos show the finished project, which is our Atlassian logo, created with blue thread strung between pins, displayed on a wall in the Atlassian Mountain View office.]

We promise not to string you along for too long (😂🙄), but do you have any guesses for what these Atlassians were making during last week's ShipIt? Check back to see the finished product on Wednesday!

#atlassianshipit #atlassianmtv #teamwork #stringart #gettingcrafty ---------
[Image descriptions: The first two photos show people stringing thread between pins that are pushed into a board and being arranged into a shape. The third image shows a spool of thread on the floor.]

Our team of products helps your team get work done. 👊 Which one do you use most?
#teamwork #collaboration #software #atlassian -----------------
[Image description: The first image is a close-up of Atlassian product logos stamped onto small circular discs. The second image shows the circular discs arranged into the shape of a large Atlassian company logo]

Walking into work today like... 😎

#atlassiansyd #atlassianholidayparty #melbournecup #pinkcadillac #suitandtie [Image description: A man dressed in a light pink suit and tie leaning up against a pink Cadillac which is in front of a sign reading "Welcome to Atlassian Springs." In the background is a cityscape and harbour.]

#tbt to Summit 2018 in Barcelona! It's been over a year since #AtlassianSummit was hosted in the U.S., and to celebrate our return, we're going big in Las Vegas in April! 🎲 Click the link in our bio to get $300 off your pass with an Early Bird discount, and tag a friend to let us know who’s coming with you!

#vivalasvegas #userconference #techconference #atlassiansummit2019 #summit2019

Unique perspectives help teams think better. Our teammates in San Francisco are capturing photos of their new office, all from a different lens. Want tips on building diverse teams? Click the link in our bio!
#atlassiansf #cooloffice #workspaces #newoffice #architecturephoto #phonephotography
#sonyalpha 📷 @ashleyfaus, @cupcaketraps, @ngarcia120, @correfoto, @bowers.sim -------------- [Image description: A series of photos from the newest Atlassian office showcasing a blue pool table, a concrete pillar of company t-shirts, a large white marble bar, and medium wood beams on the ceiling.]

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