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Celebrating national wine day with @darkhorsewine’s new cans! Heading to the pool has never been easier! No need to worry about the “no glass allowed” rules anymore. Who else is celebrating today!? #darkhorsewine #candospirit #sponsored #nationalwineday

Celebrating 85 years of @lacoste with this 70s inspired polo. Lacoste's 85th Anniversary collection celebrates the history of the brand throughout the years. Looking through the whole collection you get to see the evolution of the brand but you also see that DNA that makes Lacoste such a classic and timeless brand. #Lacoste85th, #Lacoste #ad

There’s nothing quite like a pair of crisp white sneakers. #quicktakeaphotobeforetheygetdirty

The space is coming together. Need some art on the walls and a few more side tables but we’re close!

Island vibes.

Testing out our new @freeflysystems Movi with a little look book from @menloclub this is just the b-roll, the full video will be cut and up on the YouTube channel this week. Btw the Movi is a stabilizer for your iPhone. Yes this was shot on an iPhone.

There’s just something about a new pair of clean white sneakers in the spring.

A quick close up on my favorite summer shades. These are from @tvropt and they are handmade in Japan using true vintage silhouettes and techniques. Who makes your favorite sunnies?

Another shirt from our new video about 10 shirts to wear this spring and summer. Have y’all checked it out yet??

Trying out some new summer styles. Sometimes we get a little too comfortable with our style. We find some colors and styles that work and we stick to them. Pretty soon you’ll look at your closet and realize everything is pretty much the same. I’m moving this weekend and as I was packing up some clothes I found out how much I have a thing for grey and blue. So I guess my point is to step outside your comfort zone with one piece every season and try to mix things up every once in a while. This is a new style of sunglasses I don’t usually wear. When I first put them on I wasn’t too sure but after wearing them for a few days and getting used to seeing me in them they are definitely growing on me!

Taking it back to the forties with this look from @lacoste's 85th Anniversary collection. With this collection, they created one piece that represents each decade of Lacoste's rich history. This style of knit polo has been making a strong comeback in the last few years. It's wild to think this style came out over 50 years ago and it still looks great. Talk about classic, timeless fashion. #Lacoste85th, #Lacoste #ad

This might have been one of my favorite shoots of the year so far. Except I just realized my collar is wrinkly.... O well! What can you do?

Photo: @justinquebral

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