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Photo/words by @chrisburkard “ People often ask me if these photos of surfers walking past ice are real... or just for “the photo.” Well image 2 should sum it up pretty well. The waves can get dang near perfect on some of these empty cold stretches of beach in winter and while the ice chunks make for a great photo they are often just a bit of nuisance in and otherwise perfect line up. Still, the experience of surfing in winter is not for the faint of heart & most the time there are only a handful of good days. If you’re willing, don’t let a little ice hold you back.” #atlanticsurf #northatlantic #northatlanticocean #coldwatersurf #surf #lifesbetterina5mil #chrisburkard #atlanticsurfmag

New Jersey coming to life this past Monday.
Photo: @bencurr
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Photo/words by @chrisburkard “Don’t be fooled by the beauty. It’s one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Best viewed from afar, the waves here break with massive consequence. The slope of the shore moves water quickly up the sand and has a penchant for dragging unaware tourists back into a never ending washing machine of thick gravel & shore-break. Every year people get too close & lose their lives to sleeper waves & strong undertow. Don’t be a statistic, nature can be as dangerous as it is beautiful.”

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