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Alana Morrison  ✨Natural Henna Artist🌿 ✨Atlanta, GA USA ✨To order henna or make an appointment click on the link below! Next ship date is 5/1

Close up on the finger design. I still have cones in stock so if you would like to order the link is in my bio and next ship date is 5/1 💙 (USA only)

Had such a fun appointment today with @m.chandler_ 💙 one of those clients that I can't wait to see again! This was also inspired by my henna bestie Kali (@atlantahennastudio) and her most recent mandala design.

I've been staring at this photo for days, I love henna close ups 😜

Tonight's quick practice mandala. I wanted to let you all know that henna cones are back in stock on my website❗️get them while they last 💙

Henna is now back in stock on my website! If you want some the link is in my bio 💙 all henna will ship out next Monday, May 1st. USA only

Having a wonderful time at this event!

This paste is magic!✨

I put up one more 5 pack of henna in the shop so if you want it snag it fast! After it's gone there will be no more until next week :) this is a prom henna I did for my friend, if you would like to book a henna prom go to the link in my bio and email or text me! We can start discussing your ideal design 😁

‼️‼️More Information Below‼️‼️
SUGAR- Depending on how humid it is where you live you may need to add more or less sugar. If your climate is very humid use less sugar and if your climate is dry use more sugar. 🌿ESSENTIAL OIL🌿- When it comes to henna only specific essential oils can be used, these oils contain something called terms which helps the henna stain! These oils are ➡️ Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cadjeput and Tea Tree ⬅️ other oils can be added for smell but one of these oils must be used so that the henna works properly.
🌿HENNA POWDER🌿- Depending on which henna powder you use it may need to sit out longer. Jamila henna for example needs a full 24 hours for dye release. Make sure to test your henna along the way to make sure you don't leave it in past it's prime. 🌿WATER AND OTHER LIQUIDS🌿- Everyone has their own personal preference for what liquid they use in their henna. Examples are ➡️ Water, Tea, Black Coffee, and Lemon Juice ⬅️ all of these will work perfectly fine as long as they have been cooled down before adding them to the henna. It is also important to note that some people are sensitive to lemon juice or the caffeine that is present in tea or coffee so always tell the person you are doing henna on what is in your paste :) 🌿STORAGE OF HENNA🌿- Henna needs to be frozen in order to stay fresh. After the henna dye releases I immediately put it in cones and pop it in the freezer. 🌿Feel free to ask questions below!🌿

I have been getting a lot of messages and comments lately that day things like "how are you so good", "how can I get good", "can you give me some tips on how to improve my designs" And I always say the same thing, PRACTICE. I have been on my henna journey for three years ( on May 12th woohoo!) and every day I try to make a point of picking up a cone and practicing. In 2015 you'll notice that there are very few tiny petals and that's because I hated them and got easily frustrated. Now, in 2017, you'll notice that I use them all the time because I absolutely adore them. They're my favorite element in henna and the repetitive motion is relaxing, I can do them all day! The reason for this drastic change in the neatness of my petals and my attitude toward them is practice, practice, practice. As long as you create something and are practicing your skills then you're doing the best you can! I'll say it now and I'll say it again, never beat yourself up because your art work isn't as 'perfect' as you want it, perfection is boring and unattainable and the work you put in is what you should (and will) be proud of❣️@krunaltailorhennaartist also just posted an incredible progress shot! Go check it out 😜

❗️All orders this week get an extra FREE henna cone❗️ no code necessary and some lucky people will get two or even three cones for free! LINK IN BIO. This was going to be a mandala but I've just been too in love with swirls and 2 way symmetry lately 🌀

🎥finishing touches🎥

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