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Atineh (Ἀθηνᾶ) Movsesian  ▪️ An Art Historian traveling, exploring, and analyzing art and architecture throughout history. ▪️ Original pictures and texts. 🏛📜 ❣️10.25.14❣️

• "Portrait of a Gentleman"
• Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
• circa 1670-1675
• Marble Sculpture
- Bernini studied the classicized Roman and Greek statues; however, he introduced extreme naturalism in his marble statues. Bernini has conveyed the texture of the face, the skin, and the flesh by detailed carvings of the indentations of the face such as the wrinkles, and the deep carvings of the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. The details of the portrait are naturalistic and they identify the specific person. As the man is looking off to the side, it forces the viewer to experience the work of art from different views of 180 degrees and not only from frontal view. Bernini has also created movement in the composition by directing the eye in a circular motion as the implied lines direct the eye from the head to the fabric that wraps around to the other side. The texture of the fabric, light and fragile, is also a contraposto to the bulky, strong head of the gentleman.

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• "The Story of Joseph" by Biagio d'Antonio
• Italian
• 1485
• Tempera and gold leaf on panel
- "The Story of Joseph" is a tempera and gold leaf painting on a 26 ¼” high and 58 ¾” wide panel, painted by a Renaissance artist, Biagio D’Antonio. The painting was completed in 1485 in the Renaissance period, where artists were studying the Ancient Romans and were incorporating classicism and humanism in their art works. "The Story of Joseph" has many narratives throughout the panel; however, the element of emphasis or the focal point of the entire painting is in the foreground of the picture. This is the scene where Joseph’s brothers have brought his bloody cloths to show their father, Jacob, as proof that Joseph has been killed. In this particular scene, it is also evident that Biagio uses lines, color, value, and scale to convey the characteristics of a Renaissance painting.
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The Getty Center designed by Richard Meier.
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To all my Followers: I wanted to announce that from now on, my page is going to be dedicated to my passion for art history. I will be traveling, visiting museums, and sharing my experiences with you. I will write about and share pictures of amazing art and architecture in hopes to inspire you all. Please feel free to share, repost, like, comment, and promote my page if you are inspired by my posts. Also, don't forget to tag me (@atinehm) when you do so! ☺️💗
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The CLA building by Antoine Predock. #pointybuilding #architecture #AntoinePredock

Sunset. ☀️ #grid


Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass". #lacma

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Concrete jungle. #NYC

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