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Atiku Mobilisation 

We join the former Vice President to extend our condolences to the Family of Asiwaju Bola. May his sons Soul continue to rest in peace.

Ladies and gentlemen there is this bag of rice with @atiku__abubakar picture on it. Non of us should be lured to buying any of these bag rice. It's has nothing to do with the Former Vice-president. "Disregard such Information". Atiku has only feed factory not rice.

We Expect More of Unity, Collaboration amongst All Nigerian Youths. The Youths of Nigeria are very Important in every part of government forming. Yet when those elected gets to office they forget about them. Nigerian youths this is our time lets all come out and say Enough is Enough. Support #presidentatiku4nigerians #PAN019 movement.... @turakin__adamawa @atikulated_1 @nigeriansenate @bapparebappare

He is like every other Nigerian. A man that knows the value of life of his people, He knows the right moment to do the Right things under the decision of all Nigerians. Let's Come out and do the Right thing at the right time. #PresidentATIKU4Nigerians #PAN019 #atikuabubakar @atikulated_1 @titi.atikuabubakar @turakin__adamawa

@atikulated_1 @atiku_abbakar This is a picture of some Atikulated Members of the Kaduna Chapter. #PAN019 #PresidentATIKU4Nigerians

No Matter What he does #NigeriaFirst Its time to bring a difference. Join the Atiku Mobilisation team now. #PAN019 #PresidentATIKU4Nigerians @turakin__adamawa @atikulated_1

A father to the homeless, A mentor to the Elite, A legend to the youths, A guardian to the women, A president to all Nigerians. join the #PAN019 #presidentatiku4nigerians . 2019

This is exactly what we are saying....Note this is not ANTIBuhari movement. We wish our president good health, but we want Atiku to be his successor 2019.....Join the #PAN019 movement now #certified_nigerians @turakin__adamawa @Nigerians_

#PAN019 join the movement now #PresidentATIKU4Nigerians

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