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A Thrifty Mrs |UK Thrifty Blog  You'll find me in a charity shop or a DIY store! I'm a thrift obsessed, award winning blogger. Turning a run down Edwardian shop into a home. 📍MCR

#TBT to the time our downstairs loo looked like this 😂😂 (swipe ➡️ to see progress). It has come a long way and is perfectly functional these days but I have big plans for tarting up the smallest room in the house. And yep that is a loo with a sink attached! I love the chartreuse paint, because if you can't go bonkers in the downstairs loo, where can you? How do you fancy spending a penny in that first picture? 😂😂🚽
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London you are brave, we stand with you.
As I said on Twitter, it is ok to take a break from the Internet and media during times like these, it doesn't mean you don't care. Focus on the people who helped.
(Photo from back in 2013)

I went to get a short trim and came out with my shoulder length hair chopped to just below my ears and away from my face into some sort of feathery, choppy fancy dress wig. To say it's a shock is an understatement. It's not dissimilar to that episode of friends where Phoebe cuts Monica's hair like Dudley Moore 😫😫😂 •
I'm going to tackle it with hair clips (these are by @merimeriparty and a birthday gift from my husband) and erm....a stiff drink. 🥃
Does anyone else hate going to the hairdressers because they so rarely listen and do what they want instead(there are great hairdressers who DO listen but mine has inconveniently moved to Greece)? I'm such a softie when it comes to confrontation, I just nod and smile when they do the back of the head mirror thing, pay the bloody money and then burst into tears in the car. Am I alone in this? Please tell me of your hair disasters to make me feel just a smidgen better. Please? Please let me laugh at *ahem* I mean with you.

Isn't Bramhall Hall gorgeous? It's a beautiful Tudor building in the middle of one of the public parks we walk the dogs in. What you can't see here however is the fact I am covered up to mid-thigh in mud, my hair is drenched and I've just spent 20 minutes trying to pull a still attached poo out of my dog's arse, thanks Lionel! ☔️😫
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It's been a while since I've had a proper drink but tonight I'm celebrating great news with friends, so will be partaking in a few cocktails. What's your favourite cocktail? Mine is a dirty martini or a gin and it. Cheers! 🍸🍹🍾🥃🍷🥂🍻🍺

If eating pastel macarons for lunch is wrong, I don't wanna be right. 😂
My friend has popped by for an early lunch and to discuss buying a house for renovation. She wants to do the entire renovation (bathroom, kitchen, electrics, heating, plastering, new doors, new floors and decorating) in 6 weeks for £10k. I admired her imagination but also made sure to tell her how much I enjoyed her comedic skill. I feel like it took me six weeks straight of standing in shops just to decide which toilet I wanted. 😂 #candyminimal

Life's like a bunch of cut price daffodils, you never know what you're gonna get. That's how that saying goes, right?
Picked up a couple of bunches of these daffodils reduced to 25p. They were still closed, so I assumed they would be the bright yellow type when they opened up. I was so surprised to see the amazing colours when they revealed themselves. Aren't they stunning?
Happy spring equinox, here's hoping the weather is a bit more spring like than the current rain battering we have been having!

(SWIPE➡️) Thanks for the #WIDN both @the_house_dreams_built and @renovatinghardycottage
It's so dark and rainy here I need all of the lamps on at 1pm! What happened to spring? I feel plunged back into the depths of winter. Apparently we are due snow this week, say whaaaat? I'm a snow and winter weather lover but I really need at least a couple of weeks of springy sun at the moment. •
I've been plunged back into the depths of insomnia! It's something I've suffered with on and off for years but it worsened with being sick last year. I had a brief reprieve from Dec-last week but now I'm right back in the depths of it. I've had about 5 hours sleep in the last 5-6 days and I feel like I'm slowly going mad (nope sleeping tablets won't touch it). On the plus side I now know everything that's happening with every version of Real Housewives and all the other ITVBe junk TV fodder. 😂😂However at the moment I'm back to the classic Alan Partridge for a spot of early lunchtime light relief.

This is our sitting room, it was once an Edwardian fish and chip shop! It has not been a chippy for about 45 years (and no it doesn't smell of chips...or fish 😂). The guy who owned this place before us had basically smashed the whole house to pieces for 20 years and then not cleaned his house from the day we put the offer in. It was FILTHY. I cried when we walked into this room the day we got the keys (I was very overwhelmed by what we had taken on - we found out later our surveyor had been an utter idiot who had missed a load of very important stuff) but we soon got to work ripping out carpets, scrubbing and sanding and 6 months after we renovated huge chunks of the house. I'm happy with this room but I have further plans - shutters for the windows, new curtains and new sofas and flooring. Most of that won't happen until we have done phase2 of our renovation because the brick dust and plaster will just ruin everything!
Who wants to join in with the #WIDN? @riamelin @hollyvillas @cavacolours @hyggeanglesey - just show us what you're doing now and tag some people!
My entry for this weeks #myhomevibe - sitting rooms. #ACRIBOFMYOWN

Hey @mycosyhome_x thanks for the #MyLittleAnimal tag. Jarvis has been such a sweet, 7lb pal whilst I've been sick. He won't leave me alone, is constantly following me around and gives the best cuddles. I wouldn't be without him, even if he does bark the entire time we eat meat or cheese - maybe he wants us to go vegan?
Today he has been pawing at my in laws all day, he loves them and whenever we mention their names he goes and sits by the front door emitting little squeaks. If this dog loves you, he'll love you real good.

@kelly_panda @omggemma @convo_pieces you like to join in with the #MyLittleAnimal tag?

Yesterday we threw a tea party for my mother in law's birthday. We had such a good time yesterday that I'm only now returning the dishes and cups to their homes. Every piece is second hand, be they charity shop finds, bootsale bargains or hand me downs like the star sign plate which came from a family member who passed away a few years back. The colours are so pleasing to me, the gentle clashes and complimenting tones both somehow fighting it out and making it work. •
Which piece to you like best? I adore the star sign plate and red metal jacketed teapot. 🍰☕️🍽 •
Pastelhome #pastelkitchen #vintagepastel

Where does it go no one knows? A bit like life eh? Apart from I know that these beautiful steps lead to a pretty tree and a tiny Victorian, family dog graveyard (which always makes me well up).
If I had my way right now, I'd like to walk up the steps and find a pretty, late spring, wild flower meadow over looking a pretty stream. Someone would have thoughtfully installed a bench and set the weather back to Wednesday this week (wasn't Wednesday lovely?), left out a glass of gin and ginger beer and magically given me the ability not to sneeze at the sight of grass. Anyone else dreading hayfever season? I know some of you get it from the blossom so are already suffering *hands tissue*. As it is, I'm wearing wellies and on a short, wet walk with now very dirty Lionel and Jarvis and their beloved mud soaked tennis balls.
I'm stood here in the quiet, soaking in just one moment alone, be it wet and wild all around, all noise is in the distance. It is quiet now.
What would you ideally like to see up those steps this Sunday morning?
#manchesterblogger #capturequiet

This afternoon we have been hosting an afternoon tea for family. We've been baking up a thrifty storm - pastries, scones, macarons, birthday cake along with teeny tiny sandwiches. I love hosting at home and making something like these cost about £1!Have you had anything nice to eat today? Tell me, tell me!
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