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Ashley Thomas

Summer grey / summer green. #floridalife #fortmyers #rainyseason's been a long time since I lost my mind over a band. Any band. But #BTS is just killing it on every level right now. Can't wait to see what this new project is going to sound like! (If you aren't familiar with them & you're curious I suggest looking up the songs Spring Day, Fire, Not Today, and Save Me on iTunes or YouTube) #love_yourself #btsarmy #방탄소년단

Early birthday dinner with the family tonight; I love hanging out with them because they're just as weird as I am. Also @pickwick12 and I managed to take a picture together tonight where neither of us looks drunk or like we escaped from an asylum or like we're plotting the other's demise, so I'm posting it!!

#Dunkirk is an incredible film. It is sensorily overwhelming and deeply moving because that is what the true story itself is; at its heart, this is simply an already-great story told well. I know it's going to stay with me for a long time. I'm so glad we have the chance to honor the soldiers of Dunkirk and those 700 astonishing little ships and 220 war ships that managed to evacuate over 330,000 men during Operation Dynamo.

Today the roadtrip playlist includes… 🎸 #floridalife #roadtrip

Some people see the drive through central Florida as boring; personally, I find the repetition of orange groves, Pine Woods, and palm-tree-studded fields under a blue, blue sky incredibly soothing. #roadtrip #floridalife

Rainy-season Saturdays are for reading, drinking tea, and listening to music with a few candles to keep the grey at bay. #floridalife

The sky is in full-on Rococo Painting Mode tonight! #sunset #rococo #floridalife

Afternoon naps aren't just for humans. #floridalife #naturephotography

We're celebrating Father's Day early because @ptpastorthomas will be doing pastorly things tomorrow. My father's heart for ministry is all the more valuable to me as I get older, and especially because it never came at the expense of family. Very proud to be his daughter!!!!

아~~~~맛있다!!!! #비빔밥 #김치전 #Koreana

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