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This is the armor you were given. And believe me- it’s resilient. It finds ways to adapt to stress placed on it, it can repair itself, and it is freaking tough. If you keep it running like a machine, it will operate as such. If you change the oil in your car when the light comes on- chances are everything will be fine. If you choose to wait, chances are you will run into problems. Just like the car, your body needs to be monitored and taken care of. That light in the car is pain. It’s a request for change. Be grateful for the body you were given and choose to take care of it properly through meaningful movement every day and adaptations when necessary.

Repost from @toddsportsmed using @RepostRegramApp - Such a great post. I hear of athletes all the time who go to healthcare professionals and they find out their [insert joint that would need an elephant to step on it to sublux it here] is “out”. This is not supported in literature and frankly it scares the 💩 out of people. @adammeakins has an awesome post here.
The number of therapists and doctors who continue to tell patients that there bones are out of place or misaligned is just staggering!

Today I have seen half a dozen discussions on subluxed cuboids, naviculars, sacroiliac joints, backs and necks as a cause of pain with no significant trauma!

Your bones just DON’T do this.

It takes huge, significant forces to misalign your joints, such as occurs in trauma... or because of a rare and severe form of connective tissue disorder such as EDS, but even then there would be clear deformity present and signifiant functional loss, not just pain.

Please stop telling patients they are out of place!
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Your mind will fail far before your body will. Have the power to focus the mind and the body will follow suit.

Try something new and don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes and be better than yesterday.

A family orders pizza. The pizza guy gets to your house and rings the doorbell... no answer. He rings it again, still no answer. He tried one more time... no answer. He knocks on the door and immediately the family answers the door. Little did the pizza guy know- the doorbell is broken. All that time was wasted trying to do something that doesn’t work. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
So what’s the point of all this? Just because you add a stimulus to the nervous system, doesn’t mean that your brain will determine that it is relevant at that point in time. Just because you think it will work, doesn’t mean it will work every time. Be adaptable with your treatment interventions, exercise prescription, etc... If a treatment intervention doesn’t work, reassess and find another way to get yours and your patients desired outcomes. Find the minimum effective dose and work from there.

The past few weeks I’ve seen and heard a lot of healthcare professionals from different backgrounds bashing on each other in fear that their patients/clients won’t stay with them or that the other provider is “stealing” their clients. This is simply not the case. There are plenty of people who need care in this world. Stop being greedy and start sharing. After all, these people are coming to you because they think you can help them. If you aren’t the best fit for their needs, you should have their best interest in mind, not your own selfish interests. #bettertogether is about working as a team to help these people who might not be in the best place at the moment become better, more grounded, resilient and empowered. They should leave you with the knowledge and belief that they can turn to anyone, especially you for help if/when their problem arises again. Make a team of rockstar healthcare professionals of all backgrounds to have in your corner, and be willing to refer them to another person if necessary.

Ankle sprain update. Pain free, still moving, still improving, still living and loving life!

@themvmtpts awesome post explaining why active modalities are so important! #alwaysmoving

Happy Independence Day!

Ankle sprain update! After the first taping, the bruise looked a bit better, however, considering @dimpledwarf level of activity, I didn’t want her to stop moving. But there is always a way to train around injuries. Today’s at-home session included #lymphaticdrainage massage, a cold #IASTM treatment, and some fluid dynamic taping with @rocktape. The purpose of the cold IASTM treatment is to desensitize the injured and painful area as well as throw some neurosensory feedback for an analgesic. Stick this with a HEP to stabilize the injured area and improve resilience of the tissue through slight-mild loading in compromised positions through isometric and eccentric contractions.

Ankle sprain anyone?!?! After just two days of @rocktape the bruise is already looking better. Cold #IASTM treatment along with #lymphaticdrainage massage coming soon.

Improve the quality, quantity and variability in your movement patterns and live a long, happy, and healthy life. Happy Friday!

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