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Seth Jacobs, LMT  Licensed Massage Therapist 💥Athletics In Motion💥 @rocktape FMT Certified Tools and Tape

Repost from @rocktape using @RepostRegramApp - New study 💡 Kinesiology tape has been proven to reduce blood pressure 👍

I might need a bigger toolbox.... My education this year has been focused on implementing tools and techniques to help people get better faster, move better, feel better, and be better as a whole. One of the many reasons I love the concepts and philosophies behind @rocktape is that it doesn’t end with them. They push for more learning, more forward thinking, more understanding. Another huge help has been @suefalsone book Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Performance. Looking at the athlete/person in front of you as a whole. Reaching out to other clinicians who can help, not being selfish. Realizing that you maybe aren’t the best professional for that person. And also realizing that referring people out doesn’t make you a lesser clinician. Using products like @hyperice to further the feeling of wellbeing and comfortability to a client/patient is something that should not be looked over. And what brought me here in the first place @smarttoolsusa the first continuing education course I took to lay the ground work for all of my future endeavors as a lifelong student. Realizing that you don’t know everything is a MAJOR stepping stone to helping the people you treat with humility, humbleness and respect. ———————————————————— Stay tuned.... there’s more coming 🤓🧠

I had the pleasure of hearing my best friend, brilliant thinker, problem solver, and amazing therapist @kwmerri demo some bodywork and explain different ways of doing things. And this was my take home message. Awesome experience. Awesome guy

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This is important to me. Knowing what kind of person you are will help me understand how the disease has affected you and your daily life. Knowing that you’re 30 years old and you love spending quality time with your family, playing games, chasing your kids around, going on hikes and trying to teach your kids to live an active lifestyle is just as important as knowing that you can’t do most of those things without pain because you have ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative disk disease, FAI, scoliosis, ect... ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Learning what makes you the kind of person you are is extremely beneficial in healthcare and rehab. This gives meaning to the treatments that you receive. It’s not just another patient with diagnosis (X,Y,Z). Learning about your clients and patients will help you understand their struggles and limitations more than the diagnosis will. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Learn about your patients and clients. Really listen to them. Get to know them. And realize that they aren’t as broken as some healthcare providers make them out to be. Treat the PEOPLE who have a disease, not the SYMPTOMS of the disease. Give them what they want, and guide them along the way.

Try to better yourself every day. Even if that means you have to regress to progress. Lateralization isn’t a bad thing. Regressions aren’t a bad thing. Recovery isn’t overrated. You get what you put in. Make sure you earn your outcome—whatever that is.

Come join me for @rocktape basic and performance taping course! October 13th and 14th at Conger Chiropractic, located downtown Salt Lake City!

Know your capabilities and limits and work within that range to accomplish your goals.

💥Injury happens when the load being placed on the tissue exceeds the load bearing capacity of the tissue💥

Injury happens when there’s a higher load to the tissue than the tissue is able to handle. Mitigate the pain response, increase the mobility and stability in the affected segment, and gradually load the tissue as tolerable. ————————————————————
Increasing the load bearing capacity to more than it was before you got injured is key in reducing the severity of injury if/when it happens again. I’m not saying if you get strong, you’ll never get injured. I’m not saying if you build the capacity, you’ll never get injured again. ————————————————————-
But what I am saying, is if you build the capacity gradually, pain free, in many planes of movement, you will greatly increase your chances of having both a faster recovery time and a less severe injury under the same circumstances of the previous injury.

Consistency is key

There are no quick fixes. You can’t laser, ultrasound, or E-stim your way to recovery or good health. Those are temporary pain mitigators that may or may not make you feel better for the duration of the treatment and maybe up to an hour later. There is nothing you can do once that will make everything that got you to this point just disappear.
That also goes for your home exercise program, or mobility work. The body doesn’t function in sets and reps. It responds to stimulus over time. The more you work on something, the better at it you will become. Progressively overload the system, get a response, assess how you feel, modify load or quantity of the movement based on how you feel about that response, and reassess.
Don’t get frustrated when things don’t work right away. This takes time! Don’t do a few exercises for one day and decide it’s not worth your time. Work hard and stay consistent. Just make sure you have something measurable to keep track of your progress along the way.

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