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Mindset plays a surprisingly important role in the engagement of sponsorship. So make sure you aren’t putting yourself down or letting self doubt cloud your judgement. You have value to offer sponsors, it is simply a matter of identifying the right opportunities and knowing how to engage them.

What are your sponsorship goals? Tell us in the comments.

Stay determined and remain purposeful on your sponsorship journey.

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our 6 Month Relaunch Competition is @kwoodstrongwomen. Keya has won 6 months membership to our online programme, our ultimate proposal template and her final sponsorship proposal will be created by our team. See the link in our bio to join The Athlete Sponsorship Hub.

We encourage both athletes and sponsors to approach sponsorship with creativity.

Focus is incredibly important for athletes pursuing sponsorship. So, try to focus on today and learn from yesterday.

Sponsorship can help you complete your professional, athletic and personal goals. What’s stopping you from starting your journey?

Who is your ultimate sponsor and why? Tell us in the comments!

Wherever you’re at on your sponsorship journey, keep going!

Sponsorship isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about making smart, valuable relationships. So don’t worry about failure, focus on making those relationships and connections strong.

We encourage athletes to visualise their sponsorship goals and daydream about what achieving those goals might feel like.

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Athletes of all abilities can get sponsored! So never say never to becoming a sponsored athlete.

As athletes you know that preparation is key to success. Sponsorship is no different. You need to prepare to become a sponsored athlete. And we can help! Click the link in our bio to join The Athlete Sponsorship Hub where we can help you become a sponsored athlete.

What’s stopping you from starting your sponsorship journey today?

Sponsorship is abundant, meaning that sponsored athletes are not in competition with each other. Support each others journeys!

So many athletes think they need be exactly like other sponsored athletes when pursuing sponsorship. But in reality, your uniqueness is what makes you valuable! Identify what makes you unique and use it.

Head to The Athlete Sponsorship Hub on Facebook to learn more about why companies sponsor athletes. The link is in our bio.

Is fear holding you back from pursuing your sponsorship goals? Try taking action towards a goal (small or big). It will build your faith and help banish your fears.

Always give your best on your sponsorship journey. It benefits both you and your sponsors!

What is stopping you from becoming a sponsored athlete?
Let us help you achieve your goals by joining our free group The Athlete Sponsorship Hub. See the link in our bio.

As a sponsored athlete you need to believe in your infinite potential!
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