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athira zainudin  valar morghullis ⚓️


sape ajar dia jadi kpop ni


alhamdulillah, rezeki tahun baru. menggantikan elizabeth tan sebagai duta ribena #prayforme #2k18 #ribenabeme #pakhang

she just hafal the lirik but tak faham pun 😂😂 #mychinesegirlisnotreallychinese 😂😂



cuba teka siapa buli saya ni 🙄 #diarasacutegantungtagkatrambutsaya


that one time i accidentally messed things up in Kaison. so sorry, sumpah tak sengaja. i dunnow why i bring chaos wherever i go, its a disease 😂 #nasibtakkenahalau

my face when he said “sorry no wifi atas kapal”

Everyone knows of her; Elizabeth Tan. But I reckon no one knows her better that I do. Well of course, since we technically see each other almost everyday setahun setengah dah 🙄 lols

I often get asked, what was it like working with Elizabeth Tan. I’d just say “Oh okay je :)” Its so easy to make her happy. Just take her to the mall sometimes and make sure she’s always fed cause she suka makan 🙄She’s simple like that.

We used to go to work and travel in my old, small Viva. Selalu buat perangai, kadang2 aircond tak function and most of the time the window on her side tak boleh roll up so when it suddenly rains, dia akan basah and we would just laugh it off. She never complains. :) .

Banyak kali jugak kereta broke down tepi jalan sebab temperature naik, kereta berasap etc. Ada this one time, we kena stop tepi highway kat Johor. I panic gila babi cause tengah hari panas tu and tak tahu nak mintak tolong sape. In that situation, she remain calms, buat lawak je. She waited for hours, and of course, she still didn’t complain. :) .

This is Elizabeth Tan to me. You may heard stories about her, be it good ones or bad ones. But who are you to judge? I mean, how can you? Unless you spend more than 10 hours a day with her, then you can lah. But you wouldn’t. Because then you’d know how vulnerable and insecure she actually is. I’ve been with her when she’s happy and also when she’s on the verge of giving up. But she didnt. She picked herself up, she motivates herself. I am very proud of you, Liz, for whatever hell you’ve been through this year. You are a strong girl. Everyone else wouldn’t understand, but I would. Cause I’ve seen it all, experience it all with you ❤️

This post is supposed to go up on your birthday but ermss well yeah, i take my time. Hahaha happy 24th birthday, GQ ❤️

this girl made me cry today 🙄 sakit tak bagitau! hmm get well soon please 😭😭😭

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