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athira zainudin  yeps im the manager. im funny

just had to share this cz it was so dang funny (well at least to me hahahahhahahaaha) i guess the propmaster tak dengar camera dah start rolling cause he tetiba innocently keluar and sibuk kipas kipas asap tu and plus, Lizzy also cam confuse jap kt situ hahahahaha pls excuse my laugh weh i cannot control langsung sbb kelakar af #semuasudahMV

dia ni lah yg paling patriotik semalam 😂

theres a first time for everything. but would i do it again? no.

ive never been happier with my life. i love everyone around me, i love what i do, i fucking love my job and i wake up everyday feeling so positive about life, basically about everything lols life is so much better bila u cut off toxic/negative people! im seriously so done dengan orang yg keep on telling me “thira dont do that, thira dont do this” etc etc so from now on, i’ll do whatever i want and im not going to be scared of making wrong decision dah cause i know now thats just another learning process in life. if u disagree, pls let yourselves out of my life ya tq. now its time for me to let loose. peace ✌🏻

what is up

thanks for spending the weekend with me ❤️ #botharegoingtogetmarriedsoon #canthandle 😭😭


youre pretty crazy and weird, but you give me perspective in life. and for that, thank you! happy 25th Elizabeth. we’re old already sia

happy birthday my Elizabeth Tan Su Mei. you already know i have so much love for you kan. and you do know that whatever comes our way, i will still be right here by your side right? always has, always will. that of course, as long as you need me lah hahaha lol. Youre a great person, Liz. thanks for being awesome and for being so so so kind to me these past few years. ❤️ we went through so much and im so glad i dapat experience so many things with you. bad things ke good things ke jadi, kita go through semua and belajar sama sama and we’ll laugh about it months after hahaha im always so proud of you, Liz. and I always have 100% confidence and trust in you. i believe that theres nothing you cant do when you put your mind and heart into it. whatever you do, you know im going to be there to support you all the way right? as i always do. i love you.

my whole mindset has changed. i dont even have the energy to do certain things & be around people anymore. i’m just at the point in my life where if something feels like its draining me, or fighting with my peace of mind & happiness, i’m not dealing with it, at all

Zzz cant believe im already 25! 😭😭 i promise i akan cuba utk jadi lebih matang, be more kind to people, be a better manager to Liz, cry less, learn how to sleep with the lights off, cuba makan sayur, and cuba utk appreciate my friends more. I cant promise i’ll be a better person, but i’ll try! ❤️ this year I only want to be around the people that loves me, not the people that pretend they do. pls pray that I find happiness in life, thats all i can ask for. oh and also thanks for all the warm wishes for my birthday! i sayang semua! ❤️

advance birthday surprise from @suaidah_sue01 @musrules @trotaniumhafiz @roybahari and Zack, dibantu oleh @elizabethtsm ❤️ thanks everyone i really appreciate it 😢 thanks for being in my life! thanks sbb sayang i yang bukan sape sape ni 😭😭 i love you guys so much 💕 #nottoday #30thOct

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