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Current mood -Kylie🌻

It's soo funny when people get super defensive and you can tell it's because you're threatening their beliefs and they're insecure. Like here's the truth bih -Kylie🌻

Sorry for the hiatus!! It's kylie here and I'm makin my own memes :)

Check out @atheistacademy 's post about these ridiculous people and for more information about abortion. -A🌙

Love these Asshole Jesus pics. I'm sure you all are aware about the dangers the US faces right now currently. We have a cheating and evil organization on the verge of getting a 5th Super Bowl ring. I fear for what may come if the Steelers don't stop the Patriots and save us. If you're a Patriots fan you can unfollow right now. I don't fuck with that shit. No joke. - Danny

RANT / VIEWS: I'm very very liberal and yes I have an extreme distaste for President Trump. I had plans to go to the peaceful march in Washington but my parents disallowed me to go. I am scared for the backwards steps that America has the chance of taking with a sexist, racist, homophobe, and ignoramus as our president. I don't think I'm teeming with hate but yes I am worried for foreign relations and the state of the environment. As shown on one of my earlier posts the LBGTQ+ page and the environmental place that had information on climate change have both been taken down from the White House website. In President Trumps cabinet there are multiple big business guard dogs which is another big concern of mine. I know much of what the now-President says will be flushed out by due process, however, since both the Senate and House of Representatives are Republican white guys some shocking attempts to make racist and homophobic bills are more likely to pass now. Most of these acts are under pseudo names that sound fine and in many cases have the words "equal" and "freedom" in their names. Also I don't think that they will be able to over turn the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion but still, there is a possibility. None of this is for sure, it's all just in the realm of possibility which is exactly what scares me. I also wanted to address the Affordable Care Act also known as "Obama Care". This is Obamas legacy and helps millions of people every day including my family. Yes it's a system that undoubtedly needs tweaking but it still helps millions. President Trump and his team is looking to dissolve this without proposing a counter option for affordable health care. That leaves millions upon millions of Americans without health care. Without health care many won't be able to afford basic health needs, medicine, and treatments. And what if President Trump gets impeached? We have Vice President Pence to take over. Just to give a quick glance as to how crazy this guy is he believes in Gay Conversion Therapy. This practice has over a 50% suicide rate and a 0% success rate. I've read quite a few horror stories about this practice and it's absolutely mortifying.

Hi guys, sorry for the long break, life is cray, still don't know when I'll be posting regularly. -A🌙
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I was having a discussion w someone last night about their religion and I asked if they read the Bible (I was using the Bible to dismantle their arguments) and they said they didn't read it 😂👌🏻👌🏻😂 ~Kylie👽

I no longer have a distaste for religion. I hate it with all of the essence of my being. ~Kylie👽

So I did a live stream and seven people tuned in, not gonna do one again unless you guys ask for one lmao. I wanted to have a fun lil' Q&A but cest la vie :)) ~Kylie👽

If I did a livestream and answered questions tomorrow or on Saturday would you guys tune in?? ~Kylie👽

:))) I like this a lot ~Kylie👽

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