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Atelier Mave  Illustration & Pattern Studio - Lifestyle brand Founded by @designhouseofberry For collaborations 👇 ✉ 📍 Milan,IT

This picture shows nothing but my cherry fever🍒

Shop update: you can find this floral arrangement print in the shop. 🌸

I have this jar collection with no sweets 😞 cos' I'm on a diet 🍭🍬

Corners of new things! 🤫

Turning back from Paris and sketching all our memories which I will share with you soon.
In the meantime, you can find the A4 size Venus gicleè print in the shop😊

Friday feeling 🍾

One fine day at the tropicals🐒

Ladies and gentlemen, if you happen to need some summer vibes, 50+ sun protection and easy going summer books @anthropologie and I covered you with my freshly launched tea towel.
Sincerely yours,

A giant delicious ice cream for Monday.👀 (Suggestion: Listen the "Lollipop" song by Chordettes to intense the taste🍦)

I have been seeing black cats in my dreams lately, so decided to turn them into a pattern🐱

I have always wanted to get into the heads of some artists... Now it's possible with this gorgeous "A Big Important Art Book". Thanks @thejealouscurator 💚

One move to the left, one move to the right, slowly flowing through the week.