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@satoshi_nyc captures splashes of liquid chocolate as they fly through the air. Created for @godiva, this soothing motion clip is so utterly beautiful it makes us want to cry tears of joy. #AtEdge

@dumanphotography wanders through the icy caverns of Vatnajökull National Park, located beneath Europe's largest glacier outside the Arctic. Ice caves are formed through a combination of surface meltwater drainage and subglacial flows caused by geothermal warmth, where their transient nature permits visits only during hyperspecific habitat conditions.The traditional ice cave season in Iceland runs from November to March - when the weather has been consistently cold enough for the ice caves to become stable. #AtEdge

Photographer @erikalmas' campaign shot for @ramtrucks explores the human form in natural landscapes through compositing imagery layers. Erik comments, "In composite photography, even though the image is not real, one can still create an authentic emotional response to the image. One can craft something that in the execution feels authentic and honest to the eye." #AtEdge

Photographer @joelgrimesworkshops utilizes vignette lighting techniques to capture a portrait of @mosesmetts - winner of the Great American Beard & Mustache Championship. Vignetting, a.k.a “Light Fall-off” directs viewers to a specific focal point, where darkening an image’s periphery helps highlight shots that have a centered composition. #AtEdge

@alicebluestudio's CGI environment was designed for @Time Magazine to visually depict the longest commute in America. Using an illustrative style, they created a virtual mini-world to conceptualize the vastness of the drive there and back. #AtEdge

Photographer @howardschatz documents actor @peterdinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister from @gameofthrones) acting out madeup characters for the following scenes -
1. At a @justinbieber concert, the “Biebs” has just pointed at you, a tween girl, and beckons you onto the stage.
2. On the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, you’re cut off by a texting driver in a Chevy suburban.
3. At the family supper table with your wife and children. Your 15y/o daughter defiantly announces she’s pregnant and “can’t wait to be a mother.”
4. A three-year-old declares that he hates everybody, and that there’s no way he’s going to his room for a time out.
5. At a crucial bowling match, you, the team captain, have just dropped your ball on your foot.
6. A brand new middle school teacher, confronting total chaos on his first day in a fourth grade class.
7. “To be! Or not!! To be!!!” A desperate young actor in a way over the top audition for a the lead in “Hamlet.”
8. There have been burglaries in the neighborhood. It’s 3 a.m., someone is moving around downstairs, the landline is dead, and your cell phone is in your car.
9. After a lifetime of seeing hundreds of cartoons about people slipping on banana peels, you’ve finally seen someone actually do it.
10. Hearing his mother’s unusual sounds, a toddler opens his parents bedroom
door and sees what looks like his parents desperately wrestling. #AtEdge

VFX Studio @Boomcgi created these digital animal renderings using advanced editing software, where they added as much detail as possible to give their cyber-critters realistic qualities. From the intricacy of their skin textures to the glimmer in their illusory eyes, these photoshop creatures are both very impressive & slightly spooky. #AtEdge

Production Studio @saddingtonbaynes visually depicts the hallucinations & delusions that patient's suffering from Parkinson's disease psychosis experience daily. Designed for Acadia, this animation aims show how the drug can pacify the psychotic effects on the brain. #AtEdge

Photographer @jorgbadura combines extreme sports with fashion photography in this epic shoot for @networkonline, which involved documenting models as they walked across a slackline strung between the cliffs of 700- feet-deep canyons. Considering the adventurous ingenuity driving this project, it’s no surprise that the campaign ended up winning the Gold Award in the fashion/ advertising category of the Prix De La Photographie held in Paris. Scroll to the video to check out some of the behind-the-scenes logistics! #AtEdge

@lindsayadler_photo's *Mercury Rising* project designed for @vestalmag adds a striking flare to silhouette photography. Through using lubricants to coat the model's skin & strategic lighting techniques to command the scene's shadows, this editorial fashion shoot concentrates on visually developing pronounced highlights. Linday comments, "This editorial is one of my favorites because it embodies my style. It is clean, bold, graphic, and eye-catching." #AtEdge

Photographer @mynameismattjohnson explores Austin's neon art scene, capturing an inside look at the avant-garde @roadhouserelics gallery. This documentary project tells the story of how artist Todd Sanders dropped out of school with only $200 in his pocket, moved to Austin, and gradually became one of the most celebrated makers of neon signs in the United States. #AtEdge

Photographer @chrisstraley catches an inside look at the barrel of a wave, where surfers enter that magical instance of being able to ride just beneath the curve of breaking water. #AtEdge

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