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Preliminary thoughts on Felicity. 1. Everyone who was EVER on a teenage angsty tv show or movie was on Felicity: Lane from Gilmore Girls, Jules from Varsity Blues, director Todd from Dawson’s Creek, Murray from Clueless... I’m sure there are more. 2. Felicity’s a little precocious for a sophomore, no? I mean... leading a sit-in? Running for student body president? C’mon, now. 3. They wore chokers... how’s that for full circle. (Although I’m told that chokers WERE back, but now they’re out again?) 4. Remember answering machines? Boy those were the good ol’ days... (If you were SUPER profesh, you’d have music playing in the background... I never did). Have a great Monday folks... tag me if any of you get a shocking haircut!!

Happy Sunday, folks! This weekend has been one of those busy ones when Sunday evening comes around and you double check the calendar! Yesterday I had the joy of working with friends to help decorate a newly build Habitat for Humanity home (#bloggershearthabitat). Stay tuned for the full reveal! Last week I posted lots of fun projects and this reading nook is one of them! I partnered with @homedepot on this one (link in profile), and Oliver’s room now has another place for me to hide when the kids are squabbling. I have a happiness hangover from our Saturday, but will try to regroup in time to give you a recap of my Felicity viewing and/ or DIY projects.

I don’t have any calls or meetings today and what I’d *like* to do is get a pedicure, watch a movie (probably The Greatest Showman because that’s all I’ve heard people talking about), get caught up on the Bachelor if I’m feeling up to all the kissing sound effects, and have something like nonfat Pad Thai delivered. I will doing none of those things which is disappointing to say the least. I need to assemble some Ikea, photograph a project for Valentines day because 2018... I’m organized!, and fold laundry. (Although who are we kidding... the laundry will probably get ignored.) Happy Thursday, folks!
If anyone knows of nonfat Pad Thai... let me know!

4 degrees! That’s the difference between ANOTHER snow day and sweet glorious freedom! Also... I’m now watching Felicity and had the horrible revelation during Season 2, Episode 7 that the show is so old that they used pagers (!!!) and they DIDN’T HAVE THE INTERNET. I mean, I didn’t have the internet when I was in college so I’m not sure why it’s such a revelation, but can you imagine sitting around with a bunch of people having a conversation and someone has a question and THERE’S NO GOOGLE?! No Siri. No Alexa. How did people figure out things like the freshman on Felicity’s floor sophomore year was also in the Martian with Matt Damon. Also wondering if Dean and Deluca is looking for franchise opportunities in Connecticut.

When I was a totally non-awkward adolescent I want layered feathered hair. Surprisingly that didn’t work at all (neither did my frosted lips and perm in case you were wondering). Nowadays I keep my haircut simple but... I still love to layer my rugs! BOOM! See what I did there?! Layered hair... layered rugs. Didn’t even see it coming did you. Head over to the blog to see the 6 reasons I’ve layered rugs in our house (along with some things to consider before you do).

Shared this boot storage rack on the ol’ blog yesterday and am now thinking that I’m missing a marketing opportunity to have paired this with either jeans or fur. (“Shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur.” F. Rida)  Perhaps Christopher Walken as a spokesperson declaring “This boot rack is made for Walken?” Just a thought... still working out some details. Until I figure out how to make my Apple Bottom Jeans with Boot Rack in Fur the next big thing, head on over to see how I made this! And if you have other ideas for cross promotion, leave me a comment.

Years ago I remember sitting at my desk, idly tugging on my scrunchie and gazing at my marquee light Bitcoin when I got an email from a woman at @betterhomesandgardens . She was asking whether I’d be interested in having them come photograph this ombré beauty for an upcoming issue. I responded “fo shizzle”, toasted my great success with vegan sparkling Açaí and now I’m totes rich and famous! The End.

Talking about organizing with kids on the blog today. Organizing? Kids? ‘But those two don’t go together’ you might say... and trust me. It ain’t easy. Yes, there might be a pair of My Little Pony underpants in our bread drawer but I have some strategies for how to take care of that. Head on over to the blog to see how I “attempt” to keep all our rubber ducks in a row. (Link in profile!) Tap photo for sources and... to see who else is sharing their mom tips along with me!

In 30 years, do you think someone will be sharing a picture of the walls of their virtual realty yurt covered in scrunchies? “I’ve been collecting these for years... I find them at thrift stores like Millennial Mart and Retro Retro Village. Individually they seem a little dated but en masse I love the texture and color they bring to the space... my grandmother used to make these and she’d give them to us at holidays.” Don’t laugh... there are lots of things we never thought would come back and now... here we are shopping for high wasted leg warmers and leather banana clips. 📷 @erinkestenbaum

The scrunchie come back has made it to national news. Yesterday I was tagged in an article by the @todayshow and guys... it got a little ugly in the comments!! There was a debate about whether the scrunchie even left and why people feel like it needs to be declared “back”. Not gonna lie, folks have serious opinions about this. I didn’t realize I’d stumbled onto such a flash point for our culture when I brought it up a few weeks ago. Apologies to anyone who I’ve offended and hopeful that we can continue to work though these complicated feelings moving forward. Also, I made some changes to Oliver’s room yesterday buuuut... I can’t share ‘em with you yet. Happy Tuesday! 📷 @erinkestenbaum

Cue the Hallelujah chorus, my children are going back to school! I shall sit and watch teen angsty-y type television shows while I drink hot coffee and decide what face mask to use. After 7 minutes of that... I have to put the finishing touches on a post sharing how I make my bed look fit for a 42-year-old mom, and I get to take pictures of a project I built for Oliver’s room yesterday. I’m also trying to decide whether a tattoo of Oprah would be too much, because after the Golden Globes last night, she is my hero. Did you watch?

I’m not gonna lie... the snow outside IS very very pretty. 6 degrees, however seems just a bit low. Not that I want to question mother nature or anything, but six??? I mean, that requires legit subtraction along with carrying of the ones to figure out how much below zero it is (“What is 26 degrees?” for those of you playing Jeopardy style at home). Today I plan to put away all the Christmas decorations that I have helpfully piled up in the dining room. Eleanor is also a Brownie this year so I need to figure out how to be a girl scout cookie mogul. What are you all up to today??

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