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Hana Atalya  🌏 Indonesian, 21 🎡Being confidently weird 📮

Cash me still being hungry after i just ate how bout dah💅🏻

Shout out to my spirit animal🦄🌈

Legs longer than my patience with you.

Hey Hey Friday🤘🏼

Got a set of tumbler & food container from @caldivr and also available in a multiple colors!
grab yours💓

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters💫

Got this packs of Mask from @celinecosmetics💓
Bamboo Foot Patch, for realise toxic from ur body.
Xuejialn Hand Mask, for smooth-looking hand.
Dress Code Violet Mask, for your Face (bakal bikin tutorial dan review dr semua product ini, yeay) Thankyou @celinecosmetics!

Ciao adios, I'm done👋🏻

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear🍾
Dress by

It's her gift, to make everyone fall for her smile, and push them away with her sadness.

Hi my buffet companion, we slay last night✨

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