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Asylum Artworkβ„’  ❀️ I DO NOT kill animals. EVER. #⃣ itWasDeadWhenWeMet Β© πŸ”¬ Science, Bitch! πŸ’‰ M.A.R.T. Rogue Taxidermist πŸ’€ I'm not a monster, just a weirdo πŸ”ž 18+ only


When you have a minor injury but then you post an overly dramatic selfie on Facebook. ☠️
#isHeBehindMe #VinnyBrokeANail #DramaticSelfie #RescueDog #SpecialNeedsDog #VinnaVinnaChickenDinnah #OneEaredBFF #iHateFacebook

There is just no happy medium in my life 😐. #AsylumArtwork #NoHappyMedium #BothEndsOfTheSpectrum #NormalisBoring #πŸ₯‘

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Good help is hard to find! As my copilot, Vinny only had ONE JOB: babysit the snails in the Wendy's cup. She started out pretty good, but 30 mins into the drive, she was asleep on the job. Smh. #SnailsInTheCupHolder #GoodHelpIsHardToFind #OneEaredBFF #VinnaVinnaChickenDinnah #SnailTransport #FluffyTheSnail #ShempTheSnail #WalterTheSnail #StageFiveClingers

Got a new albino pet snail. Scariest motherfucker I ever met. We named him Fluffy. #AsylumArtwork #NotTaxidermy #FluffyTheSnail #WelcomeToTheAsylum

Okay. I know I post a lot of dead animal pics, but this even horrified ME! I went to Walmart this morning and walked thru the pet department. What in the actual fuck is going on here?!?!!!! I'm sure it's someone's job to make sure these fish stay healthy and ALIVE, right? Keeping living animals in these conditions is awful. And the pet department employee was right nearby stocking the shelves, not even worrying a bit about these dying animals. Why does WalMart sell "live" animals if the employees aren't capable of keeping them alive? #SmellsLikeDeadFish #GoldfishGenocide #MurderInAisle12

Waking up to an "ocean" of fog in the valley at my mom's house 🌲🌊
#FogOcean #DeepInTheValley #GoodMorningMotherfuckers

What we have here is a FUCKING AWESOME cat skull necklace! It's a little smaller than an actual house cat skull (about the size of a golf ball, if a golf ball had ferocious teeth) and made of a shiny silver-tone non-nickel metal alloy. It's definitely a "statement piece" and has a nice heft to it. It weighs about 2.4 oz (not including the chain). If you don't know how a 2oz item feels in terms of weight, go ask one of your "recreational-drug-using-friends" and they'll tell you it's a good score. It's not gonna weigh your neck down, or drown you in the bathtub or anything, but if you find yourself in a street fight, you can swing it around like a sock full of nickels and you might break someone's nose.
So the key points for this listing are:
-Badass cat skull pendant. -Comes with a 30-ish inch shitty silver tone chain that's adjustable. -Jaw moves but may not close completely...because it's not a real skull for fuck's sake. I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker. -Large in size, makes a nice statement piece.
-May snag your sweater, so dress appropriately.
-More fashionable than carrying a sock full of nickels. -And speaking of nickels, this metal contains no nickel, so chill.
Available NOW at www.AsylumArtwork.com (link in bio). You can find it at the very bottom of the main page. Limited quantities, so move it or lose it.
#AsylumArtwork #itWasDeadWhenWeMet #Oddity #Oddities #CultOfWeird #CabinetOfCuriosities #VultureCulture #FuckingAwesomeSkullNecklace

Customer appreciation photo from @adventuresofbrowndog ! How fucking adorable is this little ween with my corpse tag in her mouth!!!! Thanks so much @AdventuresOfBrownDog (and mom!) for your order!
#AdventuresOfBrownDog #CorpseTagNecklace #AsylumArtwork #NotTaxidermy

Hurricane Preparedness Tip # 368914: Keep your flamingos in the men's room. #StaySafeOutThere

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