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Andrea Surrey

Someone is very excited about having to wear glasses.

Geez and I thought he had grown a ton over the summer. #reddevilpride #footballseason

I sure do love this fearless middle child of mine.

This girl is getting to spend some time in the cool mountain air with her dad.

Can't beat Michigan in the summer. Beautiful weather, gorgeous sunsets, and adventure all around. #puremichigan #glenarbor

Celebrating a birthday with this lovely girl today.

Kayaking down the Crystal River today was quite an adventure. There was a little incident getting through a tunnel with with my oar. Fun times! #puremichigan #glenarbor

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast. #puremichigan #glenarbor #thehomestead

Tubing on Lake Michigan is no joke. The girls were fearless while the boys sat back and watched from the boat. #girlsrule #puremichigan #lakemichigan

This kid flips all day, every which way, in his sox, off a box, in the sand, with no hands. #puremichigan #flipping

Number 12 on the list of things I never thought I needed to say to my children, "No, you cannot take a turtle you found in the yard (hidden in your backpack) to basketball practice." #liveandlearn #momofboysandagirl @trstkings

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