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⭐️SUNDAY HOROSCOPE: Leo Season begins today at 5pm EDT! So Ready, set, flaunt! The Sun enters Leo until August 23, heating up our natural reserves of creativity, playfulness and passion. As the jungle’s royal rules the skies, it’s time to examine our leadership style—and hold those who are in leadership posts accountable. Here’s hoping we’ll see some regal and dignified behavior, rather than petulance and diva drama, as Mercury is also retrograde in Leo and a solar eclipse is due here on August 11. This year’s Leo season won’t have too many dull moments...not that it ever does! .
We're excited to continue our cosmic collab with UK based multimedia artist Tiff McGinnis @grandedame (one of our favorite illustrators) who is creating a zodiac series just for Astrostyle. She is a featured artist on Giphy. Many of her GIFS have gone viral reaching over 100 million views. Tiff has shown her work at galleries around the globe. See her work at #astrostyle #astrotwins #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #astrologersofinstagram

Congrats to the bride, my dear Scorpio ♏️ friend @brycelongton ❤️🦄#ophi #nyc #brooklynbotanicgarden

Off to a summer wedding with ♉️ @sipsmartcap today. 🎉 #nyc #ophi

⚗️Entrepreneurial family coworking day: Getting it done with @goddessonthego1 and @preesizzle ⚗️🌞

⭐️THURSDAY HOROSCOPE: Balance, please! The annual Libra quarter moon calls for equilibrium. Where has life, an important relationship or your schedule skewed too far in one direction? Are you overly in your feelings or too much in your head? Under these moderation-making moonbeams, we can all find an area that needs a little more of this, a little less of that. Bring the Libra touch of diplomacy and fairness to all you do today. (Artist Unknown) #astrostyle #astrotwins #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #astrologersofinstagram

⭐️ MONDAY HOROSCOPE: It’s the last week of #CancerSeason, a time to crack open our shells and just expose what’s vulnerably there for us. That doesn’t mean shaming, blaming or telling others what they’re doing wrong. It takes courage to just name our emotions, rather than trying to figure them out from our heads. Operate from the heart chakra as the Sun wraps its annual visit to Cancer on July 22, then emboldens us with even more courage to declare our truths during Leo season. Until then, turn your GPS inward and go explore those unnamed spaces and places within. #astrostyle #astrotwins #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #astrologersofinstagram

⭐️🌙Cancer Solar Eclipse musings: 🌘🦀The July 12/13 new moon/solar eclipse is resonating with waves of surprises and unexpected twists, as eclipses do. This one is asking us all to rethink the Cancerian theme of “home” - what it means and how we express our connection to it. So it was perfect timing that I ran into @giadarama @ecoshaker - a creative #Gemini friend from my birthing class back in 2010 who now lives a couple blocks away in #NYC. Giada was on her way to buy paint to fix up a historic lamppost on her street with the block association, one all the residents pooled their money to install decades ago. I immediately and instinctively said, “I’ll come help!” Having lived in the East Village for 16 years and walked down that block a zillion times it felt like an intimate way to give thanks by helping to beautify it. This neighborhood has given me “light” in the form of energy, inspiration and creative a-ha moments as I’ve strolled its sidewalks. The eclipse delivered a fun “New York moment,” a chance to reconnect with an amazing activist and eco-warrior friend and to plant deeper roots into a place that my soul calls home. How can you boost your bonds and show love to the spaces and places that nourish you this weekend? #ophi #eastvillage #nyc #astrostyle #astrotwins #eclipse #solareclipse #communityprojectsnyc #astrologersofinstagram #astrology (photo by @giadarama adorable son Sole Luka!)

🍉Carrying on the summer vibes with an Astrostyle WFB day (Work from Beach). Today would have been the 103rd birthday of our grandmother, Sophie Seligson, whose chart contained a stellium of 6 planets in Cancer. ♋️ She loved a picnic and this one feels like the perfect way to honor her memory. Love you forever, Grandma!💫😇

Divine Feminine Rising! Woman power awakens to a new dawn today with the solar eclipse in Cancer—the first in a two-year series that lands on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Between now and July 2020, the rights of women and families will continue to be pushed into the headlines. Eclipses expose shadows, forcing us to look at buried issues we might prefer to avoid. But dealing means healing when mama moon comes to town. Domestic issues also fall under Cancer’s realm. We all need a place where we feel safe and nurtured—from our private nooks to the areas we share with family (chosen fam or those who share our DNA). The shadow of this eclipse: Erecting borders out of fear or xenophobia. Remember: We are all part of one human family too. (Artist: @henn_kim ) #astrostyle #astrotwins #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #astrologersofinstagram

💫Bonding with the cousins on a sunny Seattle day. Luv yaz @sarahmickels & @daisydukem

Our friends @essie just released a new Mercury retrograde inspired collection that's going straight into our survival kit! Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde July 26-August 19, which can scramble interpersonal affairs, technology and travel. Back up your digital devices & data, People can be touchy and tense, and with Mercury reversing through dramatic Leo, it will be hard to #keepcalm. Choose your battles and take some deep breaths. And if you must tell 'em to "talk to the hand," at least you can do it with style! The collection is coming at you live on @ultabeauty ( July 18, available in the US only. #essiepartner#essieretrograde #mercuryon

⭐️TUESDAY HOROSCOPE: Bring back the positive vibes! Jupiter, the planet of hope, faith and wide-ranging vision, has been retrograde in Scorpio for the past four months, stalling some of our grand plans and transformational visions. Today, the retrograde ends as the “god of the feast” powers forward into direct motion, amping up abundance and returning us to love. Until November 8, Jupiter blesses us with a second chance to move past any bitterness, cruelty and pettiness (the low vibration of Scorpionic energy) and remember that we are all connected. Scorpio is ultimately about merging, the space where we stop fighting for separateness and start looking at the greater sum of our parts, that “third entity: formed by the union of our energies.
With truth-teller Jupiter powering ahead in under-the-radar Scorpio, secrets can be revealed. Interestingly, the red-spotted planet went retrograde on International Women’s Day, and as it moves ahead in Scorpio, the sign of sex and power, we can expect to see the #MeToo movement picks up steam (and maybe a few legal cases reaching resolution). Global issues will gain momentum now, and they’ll be catalyzed by the July 12 eclipse in Cancer, the sign of the “feminine” principle, home and family. Can we create a planet that allows everyone to feel at home and protected? It may sound like “mission impossible,” but Jupiter reminds us to keep trying until we hit the mark. #astrostyle #astrotwins #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #astrologersofinstagram

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