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astrostyle.com | horoscopes  Tali & Ophira Edut♐️☀️+♏️🌙 🦄🦄Twin astrologers for @ELLEusa, @Refinery29 🌙 Daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes. Virgo new moon magic here:


🌑 ♍ Wednesday #Horoscope: We're not judging! Did last night's new moon in Virgo rile up your inner control freak or make you a little, er, obsessive over...um, what? (We won't talk about the two late-night hours Tali spent rearranging the plants and furniture in her living room only to put them back exactly as they were in the first place.) Hey, we all want certain things "just so." The details make all the difference today. Don't hold back or repress yourself. Virgo's opposite is Pisces, the sign that rules dreams, and your id will just make an appearance while you're sleeping. New moons are about fresh starts (on that note, Happy New Year to all our friends celebrating Rosh Hashana tonight.) Here some things you might begin with this lunar launch:
🌿 Write something: Mercury-ruled Virgo is a wordsmith extraordinaire
🌿 Plant something: What the world needs now is green, sweet, green
🌿 Support the hurricane and earthquake relief efforts with time or money
🌿 Read more about climate change and what you can do to help slow it down
🌿 Pick a messy corner of your home and organize it!
🌿 Add more greens to your diet, think warming roasted veggies for the cooling fall season
📸 @stefaniatejada .
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🌿 #Tuesday Horoscope: Love thy Mother! We're talking Mother Earth today (and of course your real mama too). Cosmic creatrix Venus roots in Virgo until October 14. Love—and life—has been full of wild ups and downs since August 26, when Venus roared into Leo's den. But a little more stability and serenity would be nice at this point. And the planet could use it! Prayers going out for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands and all affected by the recent hurricanes—may these astral shifts bring protection and blessings.
Late tonight 2017's only new moon in Virgo brings another wave of calm. A few things to remember as we embark on this sustainably-sourced wave of Virgo vibes:
- Basic isn't always boring
- The best dates can be free dates (hello, trail hikes)
- Reliability can be romantic
- Don't let the "nice" ones fool ya. Find out the full picture before making a final call. Because everyone has a bad day, right?
- Nobody's perfect!
📸 @eerolampinen .
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♍️🌙 The "balsamic phase" right before a new moon is never the most productive for most people. (Virgo new moon is late tonight/early tomorrow, depending on your time zone.) Lulu the dachshund and I are using this lower energy to catch up on magazines and enjoy the ☀️ sunshine with @contessacreate at @artcafenyack while we read the new @elleusa issue. Learn more about the moon phases at www.astrostyle.com/moon-phases #ophi #astrostyle #astrology #newmoon #virgoseason #newmoon #dachshundsofinstagram

A #sundayfunday is not optional when decadent Venus trines spontaneous Uranus. Good luck trying to get through that errand list. Embrace the ever-changing backup plan and just roll with it. Here's hoping you're out with a friend as entertaining as @offbeatbride. She didn't have to twist my arm much to get me to dig into a slice of vegan cake @sugarplumseattle after some media-maven brunch bonding. Like so many of my pals, she's a Leo Rising. I need them to wrest my workaholic Capricorn rising @$$ away from the computer and out to play. Do you notice that you gravitate towards people of a similar zodiac placement? (I do love shopping with my fellow Venus in Scorpios...dangerous!) 💋Tali
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🌙Best way to wrap a week of horoscope writing: Astrogeeking with fellow stargazer @sfreynolds over lunch @oddfellowscafe. Not a single subject was discussed that wasn't passed through the cosmic lens--from the randomnizing nature of talking to a Sag to what Saturn in Capricorn will bring for America next year. (We know we're not crazy...just obsessed.) Thanks for visiting Seattle Sam and getting those 9th house/Sag philosophical wheels a-turning! #astrology #astrostyle #friday #zodiac #wsaa #horoscopes #horoscope

Slow down. Get centered. Let ego take a back seat to your higher self. Today, modest Saturn squares the Sun bringing some checks and balances to our grand plans. First off: What's the rush? Are you speeding towards a goal without enjoying (or learning from) the process? Trying to "figure it all out" before you've done adequate research—or even allowed yourself to meditate on your mission? Tap the brakes. Flowing at a more graceful speed lets you be present to the richness and rewards of the journey. Be here now. 📸 @nichollekobi .
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Loving my new Sagittarius #ZodiacByMyel necklace. Modern, luxe, delicate by designer Myriam Elie. Collection launching September 18th. #sponsored @myeldesign

🔥 Okay, okay, one more Burning Man/honeymoon (Burningmoon?)photo. Today's moon in soul twinning, sci-fi Gemini reminds us that there ARE others like us on the planet...no matter how wonderfully weird we might be. (Here @landcameras mansplains the lasers shooting out of the Mayan Warrior art car to Tali. Uh, Google it?) 💜 And attractions could take a turn towards the serious today! Romantic Venus trust falls into stable Saturn's embrace as the two dance into a fortuitous trine. Time to have The Talk and get clear about the future you'd like to co-create. Couples may have a milestone to announce or a shared goal could zoom forward. Does bae keep slipping away when you try to discuss heavier things? 🏃🏼 Maybe it's not "too soon." Build more inner security (no one can "make you feel insecure") and you may find yourself attracted to a totally different type. Upgrade!
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Does it feel like Mercury's still a little bit retrograde? Be patient. After a planet "backs up" during a retrograde spell, it has to shift into drive and make up the distance. This is called the shadow period and it lasts until 9-19. Don't stress if contracts aren't instantly signed, technical issues all resolved and you don't power through your to-do list in record time. It doesn't mean progress isn't happening! .
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Weekend project-ing, anyone? Strategic Mercury returns to Virgo for a retrograde-free trip til 9-30, joining the Sun and Mars there for part of its tour. The urge to organize could hit us all hard. Dive in to that chore list with the winged messenger at your back. Mercury in earthy Virgo brings yet another reminder to be conscious of our footprint. Keep it "all natural" and when possible, opt for materials that have been sustainably sourced, upcycled, reclaimed or repurposed. Fill your spaces with plants and embrace all things clean and green. Hello, fall freshnessssss. 🍃
📸 @sofiabonati .
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This AstroTwin (Ophi) didn't go to Burning Man...but I did make something to burn. Thank you #Virgo plant 🌿wizard @contessacreate for letting me and @sacredhomedesign be your Sagittarius helpers making fall harvest bundles with Russian sage, melissa, lavender and all the other earth treasures from your garden. Saving mine for the Virgo new moon!

Today's #Horoscope: Out of the frying pan and into the 🔥! Today's moon in Aries charges up our motivation and can-do spirits. (Sorry extended-summer-vacation brains.) Stop procrastinating and make a list of what needs to get done. We can tick off those tasks in record time with these speedy moonbeams fueling our tanks. One catch: don't cut corners or skip steps in your race to the finish line. ♈️ PS: It's okay to be a bit more self-focused today—especially if the personal calls from yesterday's Pisces full moon derailed well-intentioned plans for productivity. 📸 @chikatakei
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