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Ruslan  🇷🇺 Born in Russia 🇺🇸 In love with USA ❓ help with questions about America/Education 📈 started from the bottom

a new cognitive heading on Monday!🇺🇸 Would you like to study in US? #usa #california #education #sanfrancisco

Good morning ☀️ 🇺🇸 #USA #morning #florida #miami

My little dream🇺🇸 What's your dream?Tell me:)

I apologize for such a break. I continue to talk about 🇺🇸! Are you going to move to the US? If so, when?

Yeah,this is first Instagram post with me😊. And again new heading! My top movies in February:
1. Men who built America - absolute leader, talks about greatest entrepreneurs in American history
2. The Graduate - film industry classics, 60s, LA, Beverly Hills
3. Mrs. Doubtfire - comedy filmed in San Francisco in the early 90s
What is your favorite movie about America?Or about other country?
Tell me❤️

and again a new rubric!🇺🇸 5 idioms to be learned before coming to US:
1. get something out of your system - finally do something you’ve had on your to-do list for a long time
2. crunch time - time when deadline approaches and you need to start working as fast as you can
3. face the music - face the reality
4. to lose touch - to no longer be good at something you used to be good at
5. rule of thumb - a broadly accurate guide or principle, based on experience or practice rather than theory. 🙇🏻The best way to learn new words is to read their description in English without translating into your own language. Are you able to understand the meaning of these idioms with these short explanations?😉 #USA #losangeles #idioms

good morning ☀️ have a nice day #usa #morning #newyork #centralpark

new heading , daily photo selection📌 #USA #usadaily #ghosttown

foggy Golden Bridge🇺🇸is a symbol of San Francisco. And what kind of weather do you like? #usa #california #sanfrancisco #goldenbridge

good morning☀️ #USA #beach #surfing #morning

Tampa🇺🇸 is a city on Tampa Bay, along Florida’s Gulf Coast. A major business center, it’s also known for its museums and other cultural offerings. Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park with thrill rides and animal-viewing areas. What museums did you visit, and which ones did you like most? #usa #tampa #florida #tampabay

Chicago 🇺🇸 this city is called the American Venice because of the huge number of canals and bridges. A large number of films and serials were filmed here. And of course, «shameless». And you looked «shameless»?

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