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h o l y s h i f t

The eclipse energies have been so magical and intensely potent right now. I’ve been getting major downloads for myself and want to share some messages with you all.

As the face of God we have a right to manifesting and co-creating the world we live and love in. But equally, we have an oversoul, a deeper seed of wisdom within us that isn’t what we think we want, but a more profound knowing of what we are here to do and why we came here. With the lunar eclipse, I told God, “If you want me to be a human here, I have demands. I will no longer be a puppet of society, and there are certain conditions I require in order to be a reflection of you.” I’m exhausted from having these desires unfulfilled and am ready for them to come to fruition. I feel the heavy burden of being human and demand more from this experience other than constant internal struggle. With the solar eclipse, God replied, “I have demands of you as well. If I am to fulfill your desires, you need to fulfill mine.” God spoke and showed me the gifts I take for granted. I see what and who I am, and God says these things are present so that you can do more, be more, and fulfill your purpose. There’s no need to get caught up in them. And this wisdom comes from the oversoul, from the magical limitless bodiless infinite energy that I am. That you are. We have a sovereign right to live how we want and to manifest our desires. But even greater than that, we came here for a purpose and we often neglect that deeper calling. The north and south nodes are activated by the Sun and Moon, calling us to take action towards our purpose. And this purpose is bigger than us. Way bigger than our ego. Bigger than our hearts. Bigger than our minds. Bigger than our desires. It’s a great grand reason of why we came here. And we need need need to act on it and constantly strive to make it a reality. By doing so, we activate God within us. By embracing that purpose, we stand in our power. And often, this purpose might not make sense. It might not align with our current path. It might not align with our goals and aspirations.

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Leo Solar Eclipse Group Reiki
**group closed**
We’re nearing the end of this intense eclipse portal!! (But we’ll still be feeling the energies for another month or so, we’re not quite on the clear.) This eclipse takes place on August 11th, at 2:59 am pdt at 18°42’ Leo. It’s square to Jupiter in Scorpio and has a bunch of those other funky aspects going on (quincunx to Pluto and Neptune). I’ll be holding a 60 minute distance group reiki session for this eclipse on the 10th at at 10:00 pm PDT. You might be sleeping during this time, and I want to say that’s absolutely okay! You don’t have to be awake for the reiki session, the energy will still reach you!! It’s donation based /pay what you can via the PayPal link in my bio. The group email will go out an hour to 30 minutes before the session. (It’s at 7am my time and I’m not sure how early I’ll be up!) The group tarot reading will go out several days after the session.

Dark Moon Messages

I pulled cards asking what we are being called to release as we near this Leo new moon. And interestingly, the Fool came up... interesting because I asked about release and the Fool typically denotes new beginnings.

Change is coming. It’s quite inevitable. But the expectation of change holds us back and prevents the actual change from taking place. We need to embrace that which is happening, and let go of the idea that we can dictate how and when change comes to us. Shifts occur within their own dimension, without regard for space time and our attachment to reality.

And tuning in to our intuition is the key to accepting these changes.

The 4 of Swords shows stability of the mind — and that occurs when the ego is released and when the soul has a change to speak and to present itself to us. But quieting the monkey mind and by tapping into our innate wisdom, we give ourselves a change to flow with grace.

Yes, change is on the horizon. Yes, we want things to play out a certain way. But ideally we need to let go of the reins and trust that things are happening for us and not to us.

i n v i s i b l e

I’m not a memorable person, supposedly. And it’s quite interesting experiencing life with an invisibility cloak.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve met someone only to see them shortly in the future having forgotten meeting or knowing me. How many times I’ve had to say, we’ve already met, or we already know each other. It doesn’t help that I almost always remember everyone I meet, face and name.

I’ve lost count of how many times someone I know looks in my direction without noticing my presence. How many times I can move past them discretely and under cover.

It’s a bit painful for the ego, to be unnoticed, to be passed over and forgotten. But as I’m growing and shifting into being unapologetically myself, I realize that it doesn’t matter. They aren’t worth my excess energy. But even more than that, it’s a lesson for myself and finding my strength of presence.

A dear friend, @among_the_wildflowerss , has shown me that this is a blessing in disguise. I’m learning how to use my cloak of invisibility and go unnoticed on purpose, how to be a silent observer of the world around me and take in everything from a detached position. And as well, I’m learning how to stand in my power and activate my fiery energy, and walk forth a blazing beast of authenticity, how to turn on the energy of being noticed and being witnessed for my intensity.

As a person who is often lost in my head, this experience is a lesson to be ever present, either as a burning fire, bright and unmistakable, or as elusive invisible air, a gentle breeze on the skin gliding by.

I’m excited to play with this energy and see how far I can take it, how well I can hide, and how bright I can shine.

Photo from my love, @astrologyangelmediums

Eclipse and retrograde season...
I keep writing very candid and open posts, only to delete them before posting. The words I write don’t want to reveal themselves to the world. I don’t know who I am anymore, what I’m doing, why I’m here. Each hour is a roller coaster of ups and downs of emotions. I don’t care anymore to make sense of it. I’m tired of looking for clarity where there is none. Drowning in escapism over here, waiting for the heaviness to pass.
Photo from my soul sister, @astrologyangelmediums

Lunar Eclipse Reveals

I picked a card each for each of the main energies of this eclipse. Left for the Sun, center for Earth, and right for the Moon, so each card is interrelated for its corresponding energy.

Left | Solar Consciousness | THE LOVERS
The Sun in Leo with this first eclipse is what causes the shadow. It’s the big looming energy that has facets of expression. Yes it’s vibrant light, but it’s also a signal for us to look at the shadow within to see what’s being hidden from us. And with this position, spirit says, pay attention to where you’re shining your flashlight. Where are you focusing your energy and attention? The lovers shows that you’re putting too much of your energy on others, their opinions, their needs and desires, and you’re not necessarily rooted in your own. To me, the lovers card isn’t about relationships with romantic partners, but rather asks whether you’re having a love affair with yourself? Yes, we’re all told we need to love ourselves before we can love another. But I and my lovely celibacy take it further. Are you in love with yourself? Have you given yourself the courage and vulnerability to fall head over heals with yourself? To be smitten, and infatuated with yourself? Yes on the negative side, Leo can be a bit egotistical and self centered, but there’s an importance in that too. You can’t commit to another if you don’t know yourself. You need to know what you believe, what you stand for, what you’re willing to fight for, what your limits and boundaries are, and how far you’re willing to go for yourself. How much risk are you willing to take? And spirit says pay attention to that. Think about your hearts desires and get that all sorted while the time is ripe.

Continued below

l u n a r e c l i p s e
4°45’ Aquarius; 1:20pm pdt
Conjunct Mars, Square Uranus

This lunar eclipse has been building in energy for quite some time. Mars who is very closely conjunct the Moon in Aquarius has been in pre-shadow as of May 11th, hit this degree previously on May 27th, and has been retrograding since June 26th. And eclipses simply build over time as well. We often feel them a couple months before and after they occur. But today, the moon crosses over vibrant red Mars just as the eclipse begins. The timing is impeccable. So not only is the Moon eclipsed, but as is Mars. And during retrograde, Mars is extra close to the earth and very visible as a bright red star in the sky. It’s highly noticeable, as is its energy. We’ve felt the pull of call to action, feel the pressure of the planet of war boiling within us, asking us to made decisions, take risks, leap, jump, and ACT. But being retrograde, the external energies have been slowing us down, not giving us the clarity to leap and act, but forcing us to retreat and over analyze what the heck is going on. In Aquarius, this energy is felt collectively as humanitarian issues, as fighting for equality, as coming together as a collective of humanity to serve a purpose greater than our individual selves. But the Sun in Leo is holding us back as well, asking us to root ourselves first, to figure out what we want, what we stand for, who we are. For we can’t serve the whole if we don’t know how to serve ourselves.

And Uranus is making a square to this eclipse from Taurus. Squares are harsher energies, if you can imagine a right handed person and left handed person sitting next to each other at the corner of a table and bumping elbows. They both refuse to move and can’t help but write with their dominant hand. And so we have Uranus clashing with the Moon, with Mars, and with the Sun. Uranus is the planet of innovation, creation, genius, inspiration, Source energy. Uranus wants us to leap without thinking of the consequences. It’s sporadic and electric and can’t sit still, and we feel this restlessness electrifying our blood, just as Mars is making our blood boil.

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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Group Reiki
** Group closed **
Mamma mia, it’s been quite the eclipse + retrograde season! People have been asking me how the eclipse will be affecting them, but truth be told, they already are and have been affecting everyone probably for at least a month if not more! Whatever mess and chaos you’re feeling, that lovely bundle of fun has been your present from the cosmos. You’re welcome.

And this one in particular shall be conjunction Mars rx in Aquarius, so the whole time that Mars has been pre-shadow and currently rx, all of that energy is lending itself to this eclipse, and there’s a Uranus square as well. I’ll try to get more detailed in my next post. Rip mars rx and eclipse pdf guide, I tried and failed to write you. (And I am completely over writers block and thus currently putting a signal out to the muses and creative forces of the Universe that I would gladly appreciate my writing hand once more! Please and thank you.) Anywho, I’ll be holding a 60 minute distance group reiki session for this eclipse tomorrow at 11:00 am PDT under the eclipse itself! The last two lunar eclipses that were in my area I watched, but they were unfortunately at 3 and 5 am. Thankfully this one is at a way more reasonable hour (9:30ish pm European time). And in case you want to know, the exact full moon takes place at 1:20 pm PDT.

It’s $10 or an amount of your choosing if you want to pay more or less via the PayPal link in my bio. The session will come with a group tarot reading, and I’ll try my darnedest to get it to you as quickly as possible. #vacationlife No crystal grid this time because I left my babies back home. The participants will receive an email about an hour before the session starts to explain reiki a bit more. And the group reading will go out to you all several days after the session.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Trying my luck at winning a tattoo from @frazaofrazaofrazao at @skincitytattoodublin. Let’s see if fate, the stars, & divine timing are on my side! 🖤✨

July 22nd to September 9th

Hello dear souls,

I’m going on summer vacation and won’t be as present here as I usually am (which is hardly present at all if we’re being totally honest). My website is still open in case you’d like to peruse it, but no orders will be completed until I get back. I repeat, if you order something, you’re gonna wait a looooong time to receive it.

I’m writing a Mars Retrograde / Eclipse Season PDF guide that will be available soon for purchase. It will be available for $5 as an instant download via my website & Etsy (whichever platform you prefer). (Free for my patrons!) New and full moon group reiki will still take place, albeit not at the usual 8:30 am/pm times because I’ll be in a different time zone. I haven’t decided if I’ll include the group card reading with them or not; & definitely no crystal grids because I don’t want to be a maniac while abroad. I’ll leave *most* of my crystals safely at home! 😂 (Got any tips on traveling with spiritual tools anyone???) I’m CONSIDERING doing a limited amount of $20 written personal eclipse readings, if there is a market for it and depending on how I feel after I finish current outstanding written readings. Those might be done on plane ride number 1 (12 hours to Moscow!). Dm me if you’re interested!

Speaking of Moscow, there is a vortex (i.e. 👽) there and one day I hope to return to Russia for a bit longer than a 3 hour layover. But, I’m intending to spend part of those 3 hours in meditation + doing reiki. And I’d love to hold space for you! So for a donation of your choice via PayPal (including acts of kindness — just dm me your name) you can partake in the distance reiki session that I’ll be doing there (just reiki, no card reading. Don’t even know if I’ll have WiFi to email you when it happens). It’ll be the 25th, sometime between 2 to 5 pm Moscow time, which is 1hr ahead of general European time, 2 hours ahead of Greenwich mean time, 7 hours ahead of EDT, and 10 hours ahead of PDT, and 9 hours behind New Zealand time.

Xx Lora

Happy Cancer New Moon!
This new moon falls at 20° Cancer, opposite Pluto in Capricorn and trine Neptune in Pisces.
A lot of the energies I feel personally and I see around me correspond to the eclipses coming up in Leo and Aquarius, and those will be intense! So it’s a bit difficult to separate this new moon from the things that will be soon and already are snowballing into our lives. (I don’t consider this new moon an eclipse, just FYI.)
So I’ll start with the basics. New moons are a time when the solar consciousness unites with the lunar subconsciousness. It’s the point in the lunar cycle where the moon is physically appearing “at its smallest” (you literally can’t see it) in the sky, representing a seed that has the potential to grow. New moons are the best moment in the lunar cycle to set and write intentions of what you’d like to manifest in the next chapter of your life. That chapter can be a week, a month, a year, forever, etc, time is a fictional concept and doesn’t really matter.
Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs, the others being Aries, Capricorn, and Libra. All of these signs are very direct, they take initiative, they’re instigators, they are movers and shakers. Cardinal signs represent the beginning of each season, the actions Mother Nature takes to shift us from one energetic environment to the next. Cancer is also a water sign, connected to emotions, feelings, intuition, energy, etc. So at this time, we have emotional initiative. We have that internal drive that pushes us towards our hearts’ desires. And our intentions are best aligned with the cosmic energies if we focus now on what our hearts want, not what our egos or minds want.
Pluto is shaking things up however. Pluto, the planet of first and foremost EMPOWERMENT, but also of destruction, death, rebirth, the falling apart of things as we know them, of bullies and aggressors, etc, is facing off this new moon from Capricorn. Capricorn is known as being a bit aloof and so goal oriented that it’s difficult to connect with the heart authentically when in Cap Zone. But with Pluto, who has been and will continue to remain in Cap for a while, asks us to dream big. Continued in comments

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