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Group closed, reiki in session
The Scorpio new moon is Wednesday, November 6th, at 8:05 am pst at 15º11’ Scorpio. For those of you interested in my own chart, my 8th house begins at 15º13’ Scorpio. The Sun hasn’t even entered my 8th house and I’m already so over this energy. I’ll add what the new moon means for each sign in a comment below, fyi. Scorpio has already dominated the zodiac for too long and I’m ready for some happy Saggy vibes please. (And they’re coming on the 8th with Jupiter entering Sagittarius, woohoo!!) New moons are ideal times for setting intentions. The solar consciousness is with the lunar subconscious and together they give us opportunities for doing magic. So take pen to paper and write your intentions down! Magic can be that simple!

The reiki session will be at 10 am PST and 60 minutes in length. If you’re not in the US, different countries change time zones at different times so make sure you know when 10am pst is in your own time zone.

The session is $10 via PayPal, link in my bio. It comes with a group tarot reading, and I set a crystal grid (they’re usually ugly and haphazard) on my alter for a week to hold space and continue to provide reiki to all the participants I email the group about an hour before the sesh starts sharing some general Reiki info, and email the tarot reading and image of crystal grid several days later.

If you’re interested and are unfamiliar with Reiki, it is a Japanese healing technique that channels life force energy to the recipient and allow cells to heal, energy to be transmuted and transformed, emotions and trauma to be released, karmic wounds to be accepted and healed, etc. Basically, you name it and Reiki can help! Reiki is infinitely benevolent and wise and does no harm. It can only have a positive impact!

It has been often asked, how does the session work? Is it “live"?! The answer is no and yes. Reiki works though intention. So during the session, I sit and channel the energy to all of the recipients, but you do not see me live. You can sit in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are, and receive the healing energy.

Continued in comments below

Current favorites:
Belly Butter, Acne Scar Salve, Liquid Sunshine oil blend, Astrophyllite, Charoite, and Seraphinte all from @elixirsoflight 🖤

I’ve been shifting how I use essential oils in my daily life and I feel I’m treating them with more respect and reverence. Knowing how much plant material and consciousness goes into a single bottle of oil is astounding. So I use them more carefully, less willy-nilly. I thank the plants that sacrificed themselves involuntarily for my health and well being. I sit with their ghosts and hold space for them as they hold space for me.

I no longer buy my own bottles of oils, but rather get custom blends from Jordan of @elixirsoflight. She has crafted amazing blends that work wonders for my mental, physical, and emotional health. She knows how many drops of oil are necessary for each creation and I no longer purchase and hoard excess products and sacrificed plants that I probably won’t use.

I highly recommending reaching out to her if you’re struggling with any physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental ailments. She’s having a huge sale right now as well. Coupon code GSU gives you 30% off all orders and GASOUTHERN is for 50% orders above $115.

And if and when you receive your magical bundle in the mail, have respect for the plants that went into your medicine. Have respect for the plants and animals that sustain your life. For the meat and vegetables that fill your belly. For the wool and skins that have become your clothing and keep you warm. For the trees that went into your shelter, the trees that make up your tables, chairs, and doors. If you own crystals, for the stones that we’re ripped and pulled from their homes so that they can sit on your altar and be your own magical tools. It’s so easy to be ignorant and not acknowledge the life that has given itself up for your own.

Many thanks to everyone who entered this Spooky Giveaway!

Congrats to @rhiannakelly, you are my winner! You’ve won a Scorpio New Moon Reading + my Venus Retrograde guide. Please message me with your email address, birth date, birth time, and birth location (city). And congrats to @her.radiance and @kikiscrystals for being my second place winners. Please message me your email address and I’ll send you the Venus Retrograde guide.

And keep your eyes open because I’m going to be holding another giveaway when I reach 5k and it will be full of many amazing prizes!

Taurus Full Moon
**group closed**
group reiki info

The full moon is happening at 1º Taurus, on Wednesday the 24th at 9:42 am pdt. The full moon will be conjunct Uranus 0º ♉︎ and the Sun will be conjunct Venus Rx 4º ♏︎, with a trine/sextile to Saturn at 4º ♑︎ and a square to the north node at 1º ♌︎. I’ll get more into the meaning of all this with my traditional black full moon post tomorrow. But just for simplicity sake, there’s a lot of karmic energy here asking to be freed up and released and/or embraced.

The reiki session itself will be on the 24th at 9am PDT. It will be 60 minutes in length and come with a pre-session reiki info email about an hour before the sessions begins, and a post-session email including a group tarot reading and an image of the crystal grid I set up for the group that sits on my altar for a week, holding space for y’all. (For those of you have recently been participating in sessions, I really don’t like how darn long I take to get the tarot reading out to you all, so I will try with all my might to get it out punctually.) Although typically priced $10, the price of this session will be pay what you can. Because it feels like a lot of us need some spiritual and energetic assistance, I don’t want to prevent anyone from seeking help by setting this out of someone’s price range. So, all donations welcome, including acts of kindness. PayPal link is in my bio.

Also, happy last day of Libra season. I saw a post a while back saying that Scorpio stole Libra’s spotlight this season and it’s so true with all the planets in Scorpio (Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury during the latter half.) Now that we are entering full fledged Scorpio season, the energies might get even more intense. Scorpio is the sign of deep waters, emotions, transformation, death and rebirth. It’s a time where energies get burnt away, like the phoenix, to be reborn into the light — the light of Sagittarius, the light of Yule. But for now, we’re still mulling in the darkness so we may as well get comfortable here. Also, side note, it doesn’t help that Scorpio will be stealing a bit of Sag’s light as well... Continued in comments 👇🏻

Cards of the day: the Tower & Ace of Wands

When chaos ensues and shit hits the fan, simple actions and initiative can make the world of a difference by being the light that shows you the next step of the way. And being confused and feeling like hitting rock bottom can only last so long. What turns the page is choosing otherwise. Choosing to flip the script. Your actions and decisions are much more powerful that you give them credit for. They can mark the difference between crashing and burning vs surviving and pulling yourself out of being a victim of circumstance.

If you read cards, do you pull daily or occasionally?

I used to read casually, maybe once or twice a fortnight when I needed clarity on a situation. But with Virgo season, I started pulling a card or two a day as part of my spiritual practice, and I gotta say I love it. I love having a little smidgen of wisdom and insight to ground my day with, to connect circumstance to.

I used to only pull daily when I do card challenges on instagram. So what do you do? Are your cards guiding you every day? Or once in a while?

Would you want me to host a card pull challenge for Scorpio season which starts on Tuesday? This way we can have something to direct our energy for each day, something to relate each card to. Let me know in the comments below!

Pisces moon vibes. Playing the victim card doesn’t get you anywhere. Life is a game of checks and balances. Don’t hold on to what was or what could have been. Embrace each moment as it comes and trust that as long as you remain present, you’ll receive and experience just what you need.

The energy this week has been dense and very heavy. I see a lot of death around me, and perhaps that is simply the coming of autumn, the season where we learn to let go.

Or, it’s Venus facing her last days as an evening Star this year. Venus goes through cycles where she is brightest in the sky right after sunset for a couple of weeks, then right before sunrise for a couple weeks more. She is nearing the Sun, and in doing so entering her death, also teaching us the painful art of letting go.

On the 26th, she will slowly begin her process of rebirth and emerge in the coming weeks in the early morning, setting a precedent of energy for the Sun to follow. Her harsher energies will burn away (what we’re experiencing now) and she will re-emerge gentler, softer, and she’ll light up the morning sky, setting a Venusian tone for the days to come. She’ll cast her light upon us and guide us once more.

So if you’re facing loss and rejection, know that things have been accumulating for the past 8 years, and they’re finally coming to an end, seeking closure. Be gentle with yourself. Know all things must end. But doors closing means new ones will open. Death feeds and nurtures life. Embrace loss. Sit with rejection. Make love to the grief in your heart because it wants to be held and loved just as much as every other part of you.

Want to learn more about this retrograde and all Venus retrogrades? I wrote an extensive guide full of insight. It’s available on my website for $8 as an instant PDF download. Link in bio.

108 Bead Knotted Malas

Did you know I make malas?! They are such lovely tools for repeating affirmations and connecting with a specific intention in any type of energy work. I cleanse the malas I make in my singing bowl and infuse then with reiki, bead by bead, before shipping them out. I also like to intuitively choose a Sanskrit mantra for its new owner to use with the mala, based on its energy.

Hoping her new owner loves her as much as I do!

If you’d like a custom made mala of your own, they can be purchased through my website

Dear Instagrammers,

First off, if you follow me, thank you for doing so! I truly appreciate your presence and support on this platform. If you’re just perusing through, thanks for simply taking the moment to see this post, to see me here, and acknowledge my own presence.

Some of you know about the widely despised algorithm that has made it excruciatingly difficult for businesses, small and large, to be seen here on this platform and to be able to use this platform as a successful marketing tactic. I recently have been asking “normal” non business ig-ers in my life if they heard about the algorithm and they declared mostly “no.” So, if you are one of said folks, I’m here today to talk to you about it. Instagram has strived to make its platform “better” by showing us the posts that it thinks we want to see, thus in turn only sharing content with a select small percentage of each person’s follower base. I somehow have managed to maintain a decent percentage, blessed be the social media gods. However, that percentage is still a whopping minority of people who choose to follow me and therefore negatively impacts my business.

BUT, I also want to talk to you about success. However many followers see your post is NOT a marker of your success. However many followers you have is also NOT a marker of your success or your worth. Nor are likes. You are so much more than a phone app. Truly. And I CONSTANTLY catch myself comparing my personal worth as a human being to the “success” of my business on this platform. I’m tired of the comparison game. I’m tired of feeling jealous. I’m tired of feeling not good enough. But it happens quite regularly.

AND truth be told, many of the things we judge ourselves on outside of this platform are also NOT an indicator of our success or worth. Ways in which I judge myself:
I’m just about 26 and don’t have a driver’s license.
I haven’t been in a relationship since 2011.
I am about $20K in debt.
I live with my parents.
My income from this business in very minuscule and doesn’t currently support or sustain me in ways I would like it to.
I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.
I have adult acne.
Continued in comments ↓

post new moon message

Don’t focus on what isn’t or what was, but rather on what could be. (And not what could go wrong, but the multitude of possibilities of what could go right. (Or better yet, the endless possibilities that you have yet to dream of!) Did you set intentions with the new moon? Ground your dreams into reality with the magic that happens when pen meets paper. It’s quite extraordinary the power that can be harnessed when you take the time and energy to do this!

I personally wait for the Moon to conjunct my natal Sun for intention setting during each lunar cycle.

The moon is conjunct Venus Rx today; Venus who will be squaring Mars this evening. Let the energies from summer and Mars Rx in Aquarius blend and merge with Venus. Remember all those dreams and wishes that were put on the back burner because the Universe pressed pause, because timing and circumstance just weren’t quite right?... Well that play button is waiting for your finger to say “it’s go time.” The ball’s in your court today.

Cards are from the @fountaintarot

l i b r a n e w m o o n
group reiki + astro info
(Reiki group closed**)
The new moon is Monday, October 8th, at 8:50pm PDT. The new moon is a conjunction between the Sun and Moon and takes place at 15º48’ Libra.

This new moon sits square to Pluto in Capricorn, and loosely trine to Mars in Aquarius. While the Pluto energy is strong (a 3º orb) to me if feels as if this new moon is left to her own devices. She can be what we need her to be, she is malleable, and eager to take shape in whatever way we need her help. And her presence is a gentle comfort to us.

Though, perhaps this is the Pluto direct energy discreetly running the show behind the scenes. Pluto direct is giving us the opportunity to take the internal growth we’ve experienced over the last 4.5 months so that we can externally manifest it, use it, share it, practically apply it to our lives. And the breath of fresh air of the Libra new moon says we can guide the winds this time, Libra being an air sign, but we need to look within first for internal guidance so we know what we should breathe life into when the opportunity strikes.

Dark and new moons are the time of the month that we are called to turn inward, reflect, listen to our soul, and make space for growth and change. We seed ourselves into the dark moist soils of the earth so that we may spout into the sunlight full of potential and strength. So turn inward, reflect, listen to what your soul desire’s of you. Set intentions and be careful not to limit yourself on what you perceive yourself to be truly capable of.

Read ↓ for your Ascendant/Sun signs to see where this new moon is falling in your life & where you’ll have the most cosmic assistance in manifesting your intentions.

Group reiki will be on Monday, at 8 AM PDT, for an hour in length. It will come with a pre-reiki email sent out about an hour before hand. You’ll also receive an email with the group tarot reading and an image of the crystal grid I set out for the group several days after the session. (Last moon’s group tarot reading was INTENSE, powerful, and potent!!!) The session is $10 via paypal, link in my bio.

v e n u s r e t r o g r a d e
October 5th — November 15
10° Scorpio | 3° Scorpio | 25° Libra

Venus is retrograde! She began her rx cycle on the 5th October and will station direct on the 15th November.

She’ll be conjunct the Sun (the key moment of the retrograde) on 26th October at 3°06’ Scorpio, beginning her synodic cycle with the Sun.

I wrote an extensive guide on her retrograde and what it all means, available through the link in my bio.

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